Tuesday, May 31, 2011

053111.13.4--Message for Today: Danger, 666, 333

I believe today's message is a follow-up of the previous message I posted here.  The source materials of these codes are very interesting to me, and I believe to you too; and they are complex symbols.  Like the previous one, I’ll present them to you, so you can decipher them; and put them together, yourself.  I’ll give my opinion here as well; and perhaps, may be you can share your understanding about the given material in the comment section of this post—you can post as “Anonymous.”

Here’s the coded message:  “A hardcover book with dark-blue jacket with a number '666' written as a book title presented by a young woman in her twenty’s, I guess; and a grayish number '333' flashed directly below the book."  This message is just part of other codes, but I believe it has enough information for you to decode it.

My message to you out of this:  “We have been given knowledge and wisdom, through spiritual inspiration, about the [coming] danger or destruction

Sunday, May 29, 2011

052911.20.2 - Message for Today: Air Born Virus, Let's Plan

1.  There shall be air born virus that makes people ill...

2.  We shall create a bold or clear plan for the coming transition ... (It seems like this is referring to yesterday's message I posted here.)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Warning Message for 11:11 Sighting

WARNING!--"Watch out for the great danger that is looming in the horizon..."

Friday, May 27, 2011

052711.18.9--Message for Today: Planet in trouble, know yourself

I believe Mother Earth is running out of energy; and that she is in her end cycle; and that she is trying to fix herself for her children; and that we (her children) may take care of ourselves for a period of time for she is in her nursing time...

It is time to use our own power (this if we found in us) in a positive way to clean our spirits.  There is nothing to be fear about if you are truly clean in spirit, without a doubt.  The flesh side of us had been forgiven, twice--water and blood--to fulfill what was written; and we were promised of the "Light" from heaven for the final judgment ... He will come again, not in the "Flesh," which was a thing in the very past, but a "Great Light."

Monday, May 23, 2011

052211.13.4--Message for Today: Life is privilege, earth, fuel cost up

1.  We need to understand and acknowledge that having "life" is only a privilege.  And so we have to be grateful, everyday, no matter what troubles we are experiencing; life's ups and downs are part of living; like driving a car, you'll never know when you run into an accident.  We are born to survive!  "God gave up His Life so we live, and glorify Himself.  But, anytime, He can pull the plug on us..."  There is only "One Life" in the universe; and that is His.

2.  Mother Earth shall experience more calamities; this time it will be severe...  (I think this might be the reason why food shortages were prominent in my materials.)

3.  There will be fuel or energy shortages.  Fuel cost will rise...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

052111.12.3--Message for Today: Self-purification, Luke 24

1.  Instead of waiting, and suddenly fall asleep, for somebody to appear or something to happen... it is wise to begin cleansing or purifying our spirit and prepare to face "judgment" while the list (or evidence) is being discreetly presented...  and prepare for the transformation, and hope for the eternal life ...
2. Please read Luke 24; I am giving you this raw material, so you can read it yourself, and use your good wisdom to understand the message.  Actually, the message that came through was a series of Luke's, chapters 1 through ... and missed Luke 24, but it continued.  I looked up the book of Luke, it had only 24 chapters, the chapters that were given in the material missed chapter 24 and continued infinitely...; so it is wise to read the book of Luke, but keep an eye or study Luke 24.

Friday, May 20, 2011

052011.11.2--Message for Today: Matthew 6, signs in the skies, food problem

1.  This first message was supposed to be posted here 3 days ago; but because the source materials were so complex that I had to take time to analyze and waited for more materials to pass hoping that they may support the ones on hand.  Here is the message: "Matthew 6:9," to the best of my ability, this is what I deciphered out of the source materials.  Again, these materials are so complex and require more wisdom; so I suggest you read the entire chapter of Matthew 6.  I believe the Kingdom of God is upon us, or it may have been since Jesus Christ gave His "Life" so our sins would be forgiven until the next judgment, and so the Lord God would send the "Helper" to the elect, but we have to find it.  The Bible is so complex to understand by human minds, that even God mentioned this repeatedly.  He also said that He is the only one who chooses to open the minds of the worthy ones.  I, myself, have acknowledged this complexity that I had ignored it for so many years.  I also thought the books included in The Scripture were just written by men, and yes, they were; but when you realized that Jesus also said, "I have to go back to my Father, so I could send you the Helper, the "Holy Spirit," to fulfill all this, then you begin to piece the puzzles; and when you put these puzzles together, one at a time, you realized it is real.  One example that I could share to you is the word "ISRAEL," a name given to Jacob.  "Why Israel?"  The word "Israel," to me, means, "I is Real."

2.  We need to be watchful of our skies... for signs...

3.  We shall not waste our food...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

051911.19.1--Message for Today: Evil on the Internet, food problem

1.  There's something strangely evil on the Internet that we need to keep an eye on...

2.  Europe shall have food shortages... This food shortages could be anywhere in the world...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

051411.14.5--Message for Today: 6666 - 1 = 333, analyze

I was afraid to post the following message, but my conscience will haunt me forever if I wouldn’t post it.  To clear me from the bad Karma, I have to redeem myself by presenting this coded material to you.

Here it is:
“6666 – 1 = 333” is obviously impossible equation.  This equation was posted here about 3 days ago, along with other prominent codes/source materials that came in sequence four days in a row right before this impossible equation showed up, because I thought it was seriously odd to pick-up random messages that, when you pieced them together, read and understand the meaning, “it looks like it is giving message of ‘warning.’”  Since then, I spent time decoding the equation, and understanding the other obvious materials and underlying codes that came with it.  And after a careful and thorough study, my thoughts converged into one simple phrase, that is, “Have faith, and believe the impossible!”

If you want to decipher this equation yourself, please use your best knowledge and judgment in decoding this problem because it is apparently impossible.  And please note that all these numbers: the 6’s, the 3’s, and 1 have spiritual and divine connotations.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

051011.10.1--Message for Today: Personal reflection

The following are the messages I picked up for the last 5 mornings in a row: (from #1 to #5, 5 being the latest [today, 05/10/11])

1) Tragedy

2) Judgment

3) Are we ready?

4) Be prepared!

5) 6666-1=333 (When I picked this #5 message this morning, I woke up thinking that it was already Friday, 05/13/11--this is really odd.)

These messages could be intended for me or for everyone; so I'd rather post all this here hoping that you may be able to understand or put these messages together.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

050811.17.8--Message for Today: Self-reflection, love

“Are we ready?”    Again, I believe it is time for self-reflection.  It’s time for forgiveness, gratification, and purification.  I don’t know why I picked up this message today, but we can only reflect this to what is happening around the world for the last 11 years.

God Bless Us All!  Amen!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

050311.12.3--Message for Today: Purification

I believe it is time for self-reflection.  We need to remind ourselves that we live because God had given us the privilege to enjoy “life.”  And that, “HE can take our ‘Life’ anytime HE pleases.”  We need to thank HIM for His great sacrifice, that even though we realized we don’t deserve it, but for the fulfillment of His purpose, and to glorify the only Creator—the Great Architect of the Universe.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

050111.10.1--Messge for Today: Books of Peters--Bible

After careful consideration, the following message came-out very strong: “I believe there’s an important information in the Books of Peters.”  I read the books and believe that there’s a hidden message about “destruction.”  This is just my analysis; but God created man (you) in His image and likeness, and had given man “wisdom” to comprehend His words.