Saturday, May 14, 2011

051411.14.5--Message for Today: 6666 - 1 = 333, analyze

I was afraid to post the following message, but my conscience will haunt me forever if I wouldn’t post it.  To clear me from the bad Karma, I have to redeem myself by presenting this coded material to you.

Here it is:
“6666 – 1 = 333” is obviously impossible equation.  This equation was posted here about 3 days ago, along with other prominent codes/source materials that came in sequence four days in a row right before this impossible equation showed up, because I thought it was seriously odd to pick-up random messages that, when you pieced them together, read and understand the meaning, “it looks like it is giving message of ‘warning.’”  Since then, I spent time decoding the equation, and understanding the other obvious materials and underlying codes that came with it.  And after a careful and thorough study, my thoughts converged into one simple phrase, that is, “Have faith, and believe the impossible!”

If you want to decipher this equation yourself, please use your best knowledge and judgment in decoding this problem because it is apparently impossible.  And please note that all these numbers: the 6’s, the 3’s, and 1 have spiritual and divine connotations.

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