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Warning Message for 11:11 Sighting

WARNING!--"Watch out for the great danger that is looming in the horizon..."

If the above message is warning us for the dangers of "the last days," then we have to respect and love one another, like the love that God, the Father and the Son, had shown us.  We also need to re-assess our selves to make ready for the divine judgment...  And there's nothing to fear about when your spirit is cleansed...

It has been very difficult for me to digest the materials I have received these days, but I have to decode them to the best of my ability; and I hope you'll also use other sources, as I believe that I am not the only one receiving messages of warning about the future events that may relate to the earth's renewal process... and "a new kind of life."

Before the Son of God ascended to His Father, Lord, He promised to send down the Helper to guide us to comprehend what had transpired, to prepare us in this transition from "Man's life in Flesh" to "Eternal Life or Divine Life."--Acts 2:14-21.

I learned, through my research and from actual individuals that there are so many people from around the world seeing "eleven-eleven (11-11)" signs or sightings.  There are books published as well.  If I have to write my own thoughts about this sighting, it may take numbers of pages, and enormous amount of time to complete; and the result may end up useless, because the Internet has the bits and pieces that you (people) may use to draw your (their) own understanding of this phenomenon.  Thank God for the Internet that He had planned for the "last days"--which is another issue that, I think, people should know why Internet existed--this requires wisdom.

Among so many, many 11:11 theories off the Internet, I can refer you directly to the following YouTube videos, which I am going to present in order: for scientific, psychological, and spiritual aspects of this extraordinary material that is being given to us, before I share you my thoughts as well.

Here are the videos:

1)  Amazing 1111 Facts to Consider part 1 and part 2 (scientific).

2)  11:11 The Hidden Reality We Can See Through It! (psychological).

3)  11:11 Ask and Ye Shall Receive (spiritual).

4)  11:11 Celebration of Light (spiritual cleansing, self-purification and celebration).

I believe in this 11:11 message.  And please don't ask me why I believe it, because I don't want to capture some attentions here.  Perhaps, I just phrase it this way, "I received a puzzle, through vision, from a name of person whose name happened to be the same name in one of the books in the New Testament."  As I have said above, that, there are so many people experiencing this 11,11 sightings or phenomena, and telling or sharing their stories or versions, and posted them on the Internet; and if you haven't come across this phenomenon personally, I am positive that one day (I really hope) you'll experience this as well.  But, for the time being, what I can share to you are these: (1) "Have you heard of the expression '11th hour?'"  (2) "There are 10 Commandments of God--but these were summarized in two (2)."

I do my homework on this 11:11 phenomenon as well, and it still in progress.  And as I mentioned above, that it may take time to really come up with a real understanding of this phenomenon.  Although number and spiritual symbolism's tell us the meaning of numbers: for instance in binary codes, 11 equals 3 in decimal number; and in spiritual symbolism, three (3) represents the "Holy Trinity--Father, Son, Spirit" in One (1) "Divine Being."--The Hopi Indian elders might have been mistakenly analyzed their "Prophecy Rock."--Three (3) men (people) extending arms and holding hands, and one (1) man separated from the three--the picture looks like 111 1; or if we look at it in Christians' understanding of God, especially that there's a "Cross" below, we would come up with the "Holy Trinity" in "One Being."  Furthermore, the two circles below represent the two (2) millenniums that had passed since the Son of God was with us.  And (now we realized) we're are running out of time to digest and understand all this, and to prepare...

In the book of Revelation chapter 17, I found the whole context very disturbing.  (This requires wisdom.)  If you clicked the link, read and comprehend the whole chapter, you would find it mind boggling; especially verses 9 through 11, because I happened to read a similar implication from one of the missing ancient books I read, some people believed the "source of the bible," that reads like this: "one (1) day is a thousand years; seven days is 7 thousand; and then beginning the eighth (8th), count neither time nor months, nor weeks, nor days, nor hours."  The first thing caught my attention upon reading this Revelation 17 is this, "Come, I will show you the judgment of the great prostitute who is seated on many waters..."--"Water means, "knowledge or money," thus, Internet is full of knowledge and money."  The whole chapter 17 is like a summary of the events of the [last] period of our time; referring to the following events, things that are happening, (and shall come to pass): Rome (end of first millennium) and America (end of second millennium); the Internet/Computer (Internet = 10 [add 379], 9 [add 630], 6 [add 105] and computer = 6 [add 528], 666 & 111), then the World Wide Web (WWW=999), and the coming of age--"The Last Days.")--"Were all this was God's plan, and manifested through His secret and infinite power?"  Only our hearts could tell!

But so far in my studies of this mysterious 11:11 sightings, and especially that most of these sightings are revealed in the digital clocks, as 11:11, a ratio, that is, 11 is to 11--"last hour to repent;" I can put my thoughts in two simple sentences: 1) "We are running out of time (11th hour), if this 11,11 phenomenon is telling us of the 'last days;'" and 2) "We are asked to purify our spirits (11, is next or past 10--in spiritual aspects of number symbols, 11 is 'transgression' because, again, there are only 10 commandments of God), a message that our Hopi Indian brothers keep telling us for years--to purify."  So, to sum it up, thus far, "We are running out of time to purify ourselves."

Please note that all the reference materials I have used here had come to my thoughts long before this post, or even this blog-spot existed.  And this is why I spent time to randomly pick and carefully reviewed the materials available (on the Internet) to suit and support my own thoughts and statements.  I personally believe, that in some point in time (someday) that this tribulation God mentioned in the Bible would take place, because He even warned us of false prophets, making great signs (these great signs are shown in the movie theaters, on the Internet, and digital advertising's), and that even His elect would lead us astray.  And, "Why is it that He said, 'even the elect would lead you astray?"  The simple answer is, "even the elect will be tested 'in the last days.'"

I mentioned "last days" several times in this post, but the Bible mention of the "in the last days" or "the coming of age," because I have a positive feeling that we are transitioning to a new kind of life.  A life that only ruled by one being, that is, "The Great Light."  I am not a Bible scholar.  I read and understand the Bible like any other philosophy or science book.  The difference is, I had to understand the great amount of knowledge and wisdom given in the Bible.  I am not going to convince you to believe me, because God, Himself, doesn't convince anyone to believe Him, but chooses someone to know Him.  But one thing I could share to you is knowledge.  And the reason I am convinced that we are in the "last days," it is because of the amount of wisdom given in the Bible regarding these "last days;" and they are here.  And I can share just one among the many, "water of life without price."--Why God said to "... take water of life without a price."--I know we pay our water bills.  But, "What kind of water we are paying instead for free?"  Isn't that we are paying for the Internet--an arm and a leg?  Water is knowledge.  Internet is full of knowledge (of good and evil).  And here is the hard fact, "Isn't that bottled water now cost even more than a bottled soda?"

Whether the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit, as God mentioned it, or written based on the previous civilization's experience, the knowledge and wisdom written in this book cannot be compared to any known reading material or knowledge of our time--NOT EVEN THE INTERNET.

According to some Bible scholars, that, the "Great Flood" happened in 4,999 BC (5 millenniums before Jesus Christ).  There had been two (2) millenniums after the death of Jesus Christ.  So, a total of 7 millenniums had passed.  If you have read this post all the way to this point, you have enough information to know where I'm coming at.  But continue to read, and see what you will find.

Now (this really requires wisdom), the following verses, from book of Revelation, can be compared to the above paragraph (and, you may find something very, very interesting, if your finger is not lazy to click the links): "10 they are also seven kings, five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he does come he must remain only a little while. 11 As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to destruction."--Revelation 17:10-11.

I'd like to share this song (video) from great John Lennon: Imagine  Please enjoy it!

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Laree Taula says:

far out I am gobsmacked. This event just happened to me on Sunday after a fight with my husband and wanting to divorce him. I text him, do you hate me, he replied, no I don’t hate you, i said, “what do you?” and he said, I love you and I said what is love and he replied, for better or for worse, I said, for richer and for poorer? and he said in sickness and in health and I replied, til death do us part and he replied Amen which was a shock because he has always declared being an aetheist. It was a very unusual set of texts for us and I felt for the first time I truly understood love and that for the first time in 12 years we had said our vows and actually meant them. It seemed wierd and timely too as he was on his way to visit his his mother in the final stages of alzheimers (his father still by her side after 50 or so years of marriage) and at that moment I prayed to God and felt immense peace then went upstairs to tell my daughter about it. Then I saw my cell phone clock click to 11:11 and my eyes just transfixed on these numbers and a strange sensation came over me,and I said to my my daughter, “I will never forget today, this is a profound day (without mentioning the time) and she said, did you know today represents 11:11 because it is the 5th of June 2011, I said, what do you mean and she said, 5+6+11 adds up to 11:11, my jaw dropped and I handed her my phone with the numbers 11:11 and we just sat there staring each other in stunned silence.

Sounds 11th hour to me!