Saturday, September 22, 2012

092112.17.8--Message for Today: Power outages, deaths

It is always a good idea to store candles, or have flashlights, or portable (oil or kerosene) lamps for emergency purposes.  We may see more news of deaths on leading news media.

Monday, September 03, 2012

090212.16.7--Message for Today: Tuning our inner selves

I picked up a material last night that is very hard to put into words that I believe has something to do with our inner selves.  It is difficult that I myself still digesting it.  But something strange happened to me today that led or guided me to present the material in the following thought:

Our life requires tuning as well; especially in the midst of these world crises we are facing these days.  And this can only be accomplished through listening a beautiful sound of music.  Sound has an important part of our existence.  By a chance, I came across a recorded concert of Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany, Italy.  I thought it was a perfect material to fine-tune our inner selves.  I don’t really understand what the principal artist is signing and saying, but the important is the sound of music.  Trust me, our souls (life) require this; and of course, i am not going to convince you to believe me, but to have an open mind; and also, if you can spare time to view this series of YouTube videos, you may be able to understand why and how we, as human beings, are very much affected with the earth's vibration.  

Enjoy the concert!

Oh!  Also, here are some excellent music that tune up our inner selves: