Saturday, January 12, 2013


Enlightenment is the experiential understanding of the Eternal nature of the Universe, which is the chief doctrine of the shaman/mystic; it is the epiphany that you are God (the Universe). Everything is understood to coexist simultaneously as both “positive” and “negative;” a perfect balance; the triad of Being. This can only be if, in fact, the Universe is an Eternal Whole, of which nothing could be “amiss,” but part of a distinct process with a purpose of no purpose; it just is. In light of this seemingly paradoxical and “pointless” existence, there arises a profound realization during this experience that, if we are going to live this same life over and over again, then there is a great responsibility bestowed upon us to subsequently redeem our collectively-shared unconsciousness and therefore direct our wills toward an awareness of Oneness for the betterment of all. This is due to the fact that our knowledge of our unconsciousness acts as the “greatest weight” upon us and the only way to free ourselves of this weight is to liberate it via the integration of God's Eternal Nature. To accomplish this, man must confront his Jungian shadow (the unconscious); then and only then, will he realize that he is the progenitor of his own reality; he will effectively realize his true nature as God, the Eternal Self of the Universe.