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Wisdom Blog Series 8: Religion and God

[Wisdom from Channeler Rana of Year 2150 AD:  Chapter Eight: RELIGION AND GOD: Booklet “The Prophetess, Conversations With Rana (and Jon Lake, Ph.D. Student, who went to sleep in 1976 and awoke 174 years into the future in a culture known as the Macro Society),” Published 1976] [EXCERPT from a larger collection of conversations compiled by Thea Alexander]

Man’s desire for spiritual oneness was thwarted by his desire for possessions. The resulting frustration produced a desire to escape this dilemma by pretending he could have both. Thus, micro religion was born and functioned as a powerful divisive influence throughout your recorded history.

True, there were many dedicated and sincere religious leaders. Most prominent of your time were the dynamic and charismatic Billy Graham, and the intensely serious and worried Pope Paul.

These were outwardly very different men, yet in spite of—and because of—their great faith in their own divisive religion, they both shared great fear and guilt which they unconsciously denied by...
… devoting their energies to worshipping a micro God whom they believed would save them from their ‘sins’ if they would be ‘good’—and by
… persuading and manipulating others into believing as they did.

So you see, we in the Macro society do not use the micro term God nor do we practice a micro religion. Instead we practice a Macro philosophy which unites all religions, all philosophies, all arts, all sciences, everything and everyone, into one understanding, accepting, dynamically evolving whole—the Macro self.

When someone thinks or speaks of the Macro self he is automatically reminded that all is one and all is perfect. Our Macro self is the only possession that is not a possession, for thinking about our Macro self automatically obviates thinking of any divisions, possessions, fears, or limitations.

In your time the thought of giving up God or religion seemed appalling and horrible to some. The fact was, however, that most people had already made the substitution and were, instead, worshipping drugs, sex, a career, possessions, T.V., and their country as Gods and embracing capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. as their religion!

By the beginning of the 21st century most of these divisions and most possessions had gone by the wayside due to the cataclysmic death and destruction of micro man and all that he worshipped.

Though the micro family was man’s greatest divisive possession, God and religion came next until supplanted by racism, nationalism and materialism.

While the havoc wreaked upon the earth by these forces was fearsome, they were just the “. . .birth-pangs of the new age,” which produced widespread awareness of the Macro oneness of all and, ultimately, formation of the Macro society.

These are the signs of micro religion:

1) Wanting something (e.g., God) or someone (e.g., Jesus) that is separate from us to save us from the consequences of our “unworthy sinful” selves.

2) Trying to convince our selves of this myth by persuading others to believe in it.

The chief controlling, convincing, and coercive factor of religion was fear.

Some religions taught you to fear a mythical demon called Satan or the Devil. Some taught you to fear others who were not of your faith. Some taught you to fear your own ‘wicked, sinful’ self, while others taught you to fear God himself! Many religions covered all possibilities by teaching you to fear Satan, others, yourself, and God!

With this massive fear of self/others/universe/God, it was not surprising that the word God came to mean some strange power somewhere out in space that eternally spies on every thought, word, and deed, waiting to heap ill fate (at best!) and eternal hell-fire and damnation onto those whose tally of sins got too high.

Understand, Jon, that anything you worship, and yet perceive as separate from your self, will be feared and, ultimately, hated. The process is this:

1. You view yourself as less than perfect and, thus, separate from God who is perfect and, therefore, good.

2. If God is good and you are not God, but less than God, then you are not good r you are less than good. And what is that? It is bad!

3. This appraisal of self creates guilt, which produces resentment, which, in turn, produces hate.

4. Take micro religion and add to it this miserable appraisal of self as related to God and you have a God who is not only feared but also resented and hated.

With this alienated, fearsome vision of ‘God’ it is not surprising that the favorite swear words of your time were “God damn!”

In the mid 1900’s, in an attempt to avoid the negative connotations of the word ‘God’, people started using other words to refer to what was originally meant by the word ‘God’. Universal energy, universal mind, cosmic energy, and the Macro self, were among these terms.

As years passed the term Macro self was retained as most correctly describing the perfect oneness of all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be.

This unifying term—Macro meaning largest possible complete whole, and self referring to each individual as part of that whole—is still used here in 2150 AD, for built into it is a clear reminder of our oneness with all.

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