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Wisdom Blog Series 9: Law and Injustice

[Wisdom from Channeler Rana of Year 2150 AD:  Chapter Nine: LAW AND INJUSTICE: Booklet “The Prophetess, Conversations With Rana (and Jon Lake, Ph.D. Student, who went to sleep in 1976 and awoke 174 years into the future in a culture known as the Macro Society),” Published 1976] [EXCERPT from a larger collection of conversations compiled by Thea Alexander]

From a micro view, injustice is anything that is unfair or undeserved.

From a Macro view nothing is unfair or undeserved since every soul has free will and can experience only that which it has chosen for its own growth/evolution.

Laws are necessary to protect people who are divided by possessions. So as long as man uses a micro view, people must remain divided.

All injustice is the result of divisions. Looking at your world of 1976, Jon, you can easily see many of the micro divisions, which created what seemed to be injustice and, therefore, the need for laws to protect your people from one another.

To begin with, there were the major psychological and philosophical divisions such as good and evil, truth and falsehood, pleasure and pain, beauty and ugliness. These polarities, when used to separate, produce micro man’s greatest possession—pride.

We have discussed each of these polarities in the past, but now let’s consider how these micro divisions both cause injustice and are in themselves unjust or incomplete. I must warn you though that the things I am about to say make very little sense from a micro view.

Good exists only if there is bad. Truth exists only if there is falsehood. Beauty exists only if there is ugliness. And you can experience pain or pleasure only to the extent that you have experienced its opposite.

To view the world as forever divided into these polarities means that one experiences constant division, conflict, and incompletion. This causes the frustration and misery which micro man sees as unjust. To escape your self-created feelings of persecution, separateness, and injustice man created laws that perpetuate divisions and injustice. Remember, Jon, there are no criminals or crimes until you have laws.

Only things that are thought to be separate from the whole can be possessed. Thus, freedom from the tyranny of possessions (injustice) lies only in awareness of the indivisibility of the Macro self. From the Macro view, you have everything so there can be no divisions, no injustice, and no need for laws to protect us from our micro selves which are an indivisible part of our Macro self.

Looking back on your nation in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s, one sees a country divided, and growing more divided with each passing year. With your tax laws favoring the rich and politically powerful, divisions between rich and poor became greater and greater.

Consider, for example, the poor in your rotting inner cities—or your migrant farm workers, and compare their lives with those of your middle and upper classes.

An added irritant was your television and advertising media which were constantly reminding everyone of these divisions by insisting that having possessions was good and that not having possessions was bad. So much so that almost every person alive at that time measured his own worth, as did his society, by his possessions or lack thereof.
It was inevitable that frustration, rage, and self hate would grow until laws protecting possessions became more important than laws supporting education, health, or pollution control.

Even as late as the 1980’s if you had abolished your prisons, you could have reduced your crime rate by 20%. Your prisons were training schools for criminals. By generally refusing to employ ex-convicts, your society virtually forced them back into lives of crime.

The more viciously you treated them in prison, the more viciously they treated you when they got out.

Moreover, if you had also abolished your laws without victims (gambling, drugs, sex, etc.) you would have reduced your crime rate by an additional 70% and also eliminated your crime syndicates such as the Mafia!

Laws against pleasure made almost everyone a lawbreaker and fearful of police and government.

Having learned nothing from your prohibition of alcohol, fifty years later you made criminals out of your children over illegal drugs. These drugs were not one tenth as harmful to your society as your legal drug of alcohol or your health destroying cigarettes, so your youth rightfully cried hypocrisy and divisions grew greater yet.

Laws are always invented and enforced by those who are afraid and envious of others. Laws against pleasure are always upheld and enforced by those in pain who are envious of those with pleasure. Most importantly, laws against pleasure produce mass guilt, which produces mass denial of reality, which maintains micro awareness. This causes the need for possessions, which leads to laws and injustice.

In the Macro society since there are no possessions, there are no laws to protect possessions, and injustice does not exist.

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