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Wisdom Blog Series 3: Government and Politics

[Wisdom from Channeler Rana of Year 2150 AD:  Chapter Three: GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: Booklet “The Prophetess, Conversations With Rana (and Jon Lake, Ph.D. Student, who went to sleep in 1976 and awoke 174 years into the future in a culture known as the Macro Society),” Published 1976] [EXERPT from a larger collection of conversations compiled by Thea Alexander]

You ask how history in the year 2150 AD views your government and its political leaders of the 1960’s and 70’s. Looking back on that final period in your nation’s history it is clear that this was the time in which your people had their last opportunity to make the choices that would either save your nation or destroy it. Since the unconscious philosophy of America was a selfish, micro one, your people could not see the long-term consequences of lying, cheating, hating, ignoring, denying, polluting, and killing.

So your people chose dishonest, predatory, ruthless, and morally unaware persons to be their political leaders. You elected to high office whoever most successfully pandered to your greed and helped you deny responsibility for your failures, your inadequacies, and your crimes against man and nature.

Through your elected officials you often permitted your schools to become battlegrounds of racial conflict, too often staffed and led by unaware, uncaring, selfishly limited persons. You permitted your laws to make criminals of almost everyone who sought pleasure or truth, or denied war, or was poor or handicapped. You permitted your land, your water, your food’, and your air to be polluted in the name of “Free” enterprise and profits. You permitted your elderly to live in poverty, loneliness, and ill health. You permitted your youth to be brutalized, desensitized, and morally corrupted by the most ecologically and psychologically destructive war in the history of the world.

Your entertainment heroes were extreme—extremely brutal and violent, or extremely unbelievable supermen and superwomen. Nowhere could your young people find heroes who were anything like themselves, namely, a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. Even your religions presented unbelievably perfect beings, leaving your youth with almost no believable personalities to pattern themselves after.

You permitted your television and movies to gorge the eyes and the minds of your people with thousands of hours of violence, corruption, and brutality every week. Your young people, as could have been predicted, emulated that which they saw on the screen and measured their own value and that of others by the standards presented on the pervasive screen.

The result was a culture made up of people with poor self concepts since each had to see himself as grossly inadequate compared to the perfectly gorgeous men and women portrayed on the screen, which was their predominant influence.

This alienation from self-created deep-seated hostility against a world, in which one could not possibly succeed, that is, be as terrific as what he saw on the screen. Millions spent their lives in a long lonely search for that perfect mate which they knew must be out there somewhere, who was like the ones seen on TV, in movies, and in magazines. Meanwhile, any remaining energy was spent trying desperately to hide what he knew to be true of himself; the horrible truth that he himself was not, would never be, so ideally perfect as those beautiful people on his TV and movie screen.

Many and varied were the ways in which this frustration, hostility, and feelings of impotence expressed themselves. One of the most prevalent was the unceasing pursuit of money and the things it would buy since lots of dollars and/or lots of possessions were considered proof of one’s success/goodness.

This fixation on possessions lead to the election of leaders who could be counted on to govern in behalf of those with vast wealth who had bought (financed) that person’s election to office. Your political parties became the captive of rich, selfish interests who contributed the millions required to support election campaigns so that they could control the nation. An evolved person of wisdom and honesty had precious little chance of being elected to any high office.

No nation could have survived the consequences of their actions. But remember, Jon, they only reflected the micro morality of the vast majority of your people. Every nation gets the leaders it deserves. And lifetime after lifetime man learns the painful lesson that micro morality always causes micro destruction.

Your American government in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s grew ever more oppressive, secretive, and fearful, a true reflection of the deepening divisions that were growing among your people. The incredibly destructive consequences of your Vietnam War (not only upon the Vietnamese, but on your own people and your own government as well!) were ignored by most until the 1980’s and 1990’s when they culminated in the destruction of your government, your land, and your people.

The few leaders along the way who tried to warn your nation were usually rewarded with massive political defeat. Denied wise and honest leaders, your government became ever more blind to the causes and the solution to the fast growing problems of your nation until the only solution was death—the death of a nation.

It was then, after the greedy, self-serving, shortsighted people had destroyed most of mankind, that the Macro oriented survivors expanded the Macro Society, which had its beginnings in the early 70’s, into a worldwide self-governing society. That culture evolved into what you see here in this year of 2150, Jon.

We have no politicians and no political campaigns because no one covets power. Our highest leaders are not isolated and protected from the rest of the people, but live among us without fear, pride, or special favor.

Only people living a Macro philosophy can evolve a government of love, peace, and unity from that of fear, fighting, and divisiveness so prevalent in the twentieth century.

In 1972 a new presidential candidate tried to be both moral and honest. This made him appear so politically stupid that he attempted to change his approach to the campaign. This change caused the casual observer to see him as more dishonest than your incumbent President who was a master of deceit and micro morality. This new candidate asked your people to acknowledge and rectify their crimes against their poor and handicapped, and their crimes against all humanity in pollution and war. This was the most important political choice facing your people and they chose to massively deny the truth and their responsibility.

Finally, it was too late to reverse the destructive course of your nation. Two presidents in a row, from both political parties, had demonstrated the art of political dishonesty, short sightedness, and corruption as never before in your history.

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