Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wisdom Blog Series 11: Good and Evil

[Wisdom from Channeler Rana of Year 2150 AD:  Chapter Eleven: GOOD AND EVIL: Booklet “The Prophetess, Conversations With Rana (and Jon Lake, Ph.D. Student, who went to sleep in 1976 and awoke 174 years into the future in a culture known as the Macro Society),” Published 1976] [EXCERPT from a larger collection of conversations compiled by Thea Alexander]

The historical problem of good and evil only exists from a micro view in which things can be seen as separate. From the larger view one can see that, like all micro polarities, good and evil are two sides of the same coin. Let’s take a look at the seemingly opposite processes of creation and destruction—(actually, of course, they are one).

If you choose to create a new house you must first destroy trees and other things to create building materials in order to shape from them one interdependent whole called a house. To create anything you must first destroy something. So destruction is creation and creation is destruction.

You say it is bad when you are sick, but it is also good because only then can you learn the consequences of denying and resisting the perfection of what is—the lessons you chose to grow on.

You say that poverty, ignorance, pride, laziness, dishonesty, murder and war are bad, but they are also good and necessary symptoms of man’s denial of his fellow man and his greater self. These conditions are the good and necessary spurs that eventually force micro man to evolve into Macro man.

You have heard me say that your Vietnam War was the most viciously destructive war in your recorded history and that out of it came an even more destructive conflict, which produced the death of your American nation. The reason we do not condemn your people or your leaders, or anyone, is because we see all of these actions as being good and perfect in producing greater Macro awareness. After all, it was the destruction of your world’s micro societies that created the world’s Macro society. The unevolved child is as valuable as the evolved adult.

Anything you call good produces good effects upon you. However, you cannot escape evil by calling it good, because if your motivation is to avoid or deny it then you are calling it bad in your heart (subconscious), and “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.

You will find that in the long run there is no successful way to deny or resist anything you think is evil or bad. You will find there is nothing that is either good or evil, but that you create it with your thinking when, in fact, everything is equally both good and evil.

When you understand and accept the reality that good and evil are one, you will experience the joy inherent in the realization that all things are absolutely perfect for their time and space.

We condemn ourselves, others, the world we live in only to the extent that we are using a micro view. From the Macro view it is impossible to condemn anything because one sees that everything is both positive and negative—good and evil, and that this interdependent oneness of all is Macro perfection and joy.

Your micro religions and philosophies have condemned evil thoughts and evil actions by saying that evil is either a blasphemy against God or harming man. If you will look at your own history, however, you will clearly see that the more you have condemned something as evil and wicked, the more you have created exactly what you condemned. Since thoughts create reality, when you call anything good you are creating good; when you call anything bad you are creating bad.

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