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Wisdom Blog Series 1: Fast and Future

[Wisdom from Channeler Rana of Year 2150 AD:  Chapter One: PAST AND FUTURE: Booklet “The Prophetess, Conversations With Rana (and Jon Lake, Ph.D. Student, who went to sleep in 1976 and awoke 174 years into the future in a culture known as the Macro Society),” Published 1976] [EXERPT from a larger collection of conversations compiled by Thea Alexander]

You call me a prophetess, Jon, and marvel that I remember a past and a future, which you have forgotten.

From a Macro (macrocosmic) view, time is like a road that wanders over hill and dale. The traveler in the valley cannot see the road behind the hill, which is his past, or the road beyond the next hill, which is his future.

The wise are those who scale to the highest summit seeking the broadest possible view of the path already traveled as well as the path ahead.  The true prophet is like your astronaut who ascends so high above the earth that every part of the road can be seen; even its beginning and its end.

Only when you block out the Macro vision of your higher self can you ever fear the future or feel guilty about the past. Only from a micro view, which includes but a small part of the road, is time the enemy that destroys all things. From a Macro view all time is now, for past, present, and future are seen simply as different aspects of the same reality.

Time is sometimes called the 4th dimension or the micro level’s learning dimension, for it is in time that we reap the consequences of our positive and negative thoughts and actions. Time is one of the tools micro man uses to help him evolve into Macro man.

Learning is different at the higher Macro levels.  Souls on these levels are not bound by this 4th dimension. They more readily accept guidance from their Macro self, while souls on the micro levels more easily succumb to the will of their micro self. Another important difference is that Macro learning is motivated by joy; micro learning is motivated by pain.

No matter what level we speak of, learning is all remembering -- remembering our self and its oneness with all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be.

Your past and future exist now in an infinite series of dimensions within an infinite series of universes. Micro man sees only a physical dimension within a physical universe, but the non-physical is far more predominant. Since from a Macro view you have an infinite series of selves, your personal evolution lies in expanding your awareness until it includes ever more dimensions in which your most capable selves exist.

Atlantis,Lemuria, and other evolutionary crests exist as past in this dimension, as present in other dimensions, and as future in still other dimensions.

The world of 21 5OAD co-exists with the world of 1976, 1776, or 3176, or any other time.

Consider the fact that you, Jon, at the age of three, ten, seventeen, and twenty-seven, are different selves both mentally and physically. Yet you can understand that these past selves are part of your present self.

Take the next step and understand that your present self is part of an infinite series of past, present, and future selves.
Then remember that each past, present, and future self has an infinite series of probable/possible selves in other dimensions and other universes.

Perhaps then you will begin to grasp the concept of our universal self the—the Macro self—which is composed of an m-M (microcosmic-Macrocosmic) continuum of selves on an m-M continuum of dimensions.

Exploration of these other dimensions will require two major learning efforts on your part, Jon.

FIRST... study that little booklet you found on interpreting your dreams from a Macro view Apply its lessons to your dream state till you learn to accept the wisdom and the Macro powers (precognition, retro-cognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.) which express themselves nightly in your dream state.

SECONDLY ... closely scrutinize, appraise, and alter your daily thoughts, actions, and reactions until you have eliminated your psychological defense mechanisms* and replaced them with joyous, honest caring responses to your universe and all it contains.
The natural result of these learning efforts will be the development of a broader understanding of your many selves, who they are, where they came from, and how they relate to each other.

This knowledge will lend a deeper meaning to your life, creating more completely joyous day-to-day experiences as a result of your accelerated personal evolution.

While that is just the beginning, we’ll accept it as our ending—for now.

*See 2150A.D, C.I. Date Excerpts and booklet on Interaction.

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