Sunday, January 04, 2015

Messengers Of The Ages

At the beginning of each age, a Master Teacher is sent to Earth to bring a greater measure of “The Light” into the ongoing evolution of “Man’s” consciousness; helping to guide “Man” back to an awareness of his heritage.

Near the beginning of our present (soon to be finished) “Dark Age,” a great teacher was born into the physical Earth Plane. A “Man,” illumined by the efforts of unnumbered years. This “Man,” approved by all the masterminds of Heaven and Earth; this Jesus, this great spiritual being Esu, Chief of all the Sages of the World, brought within his being the Great White Light of “The Christ” (the one and only “Man”) (The Perfect Being) (The Lord God).

He came to Earth at a point in time when Earth was at a far distance from the Light of the Universal Central Sun. A time when the consciousness of the population was at a very low level.

His purpose in being here at that time was to bring the Light/Love of the Creator back into the hearts and awareness of all people. To begin “The Great Awakening.”

He came to be the example of how “Man” on Earth could overcome his gross nature and return to his natural state. He was called “The Son of God.” He was also called “The Son of Man.”

This One, whose message was heard around the circumference of the World, had great purpose in being present. A great message was to be for Earth’s people. For this One brought within his being a "Great Presence." He was to speak a "Great Truth."

Again, as he had many times before, “man” experienced the touch he could not discredit. A Great and Mighty Being had drifted down from the Infinite to the Finite. He brought this Great Truth: “I am The Son, I Am The Way and The Light. To All Men I AM The Way.”

The greeting “Namaste” means, “We Salute The God Within You.” On our spiritual side we are all “Sons of God” - “Sons Of The One Man.”

The Christ Light is the Son of God. (The Divine & only Man created by Divine Mind/Principle – the manifested form of the Creative Source.)

Jesus was chosen to manifest that Light and Love. The soul, which we know by the name Jesus, had completed his work in the fourth dimension, but instead of continuing to the Fifth Dimension, he chose to help us prepare for the transition before us by returning to the Third Dimension.

An Avatar, a fragment direct from and still one with the Christ, one of those great beings who, not being manifested in the physical did not fall with the Sons of Man, descends the scale of vibration from loftier planes to help the people of 3rd dimensional Earth. Jesus was a vessel through which Christ manifested on Earth. He told us that in his Father’s House there were many mansions, and that he goes there to prepare a place for each one of us. He taught us to go within to find the Father; and told us that what he was we could all become; that we were all Sons of God.

There are Planes of Substance and Matter only slightly removed from the Physical. From these Planes of Reference, thought filters down, manifesting itself as Etheric. Beings exist on this Plane for the sole purpose of communicating to other forms of matter. Beings surrounded by Light -transferring thought into Light. Physical matter is the product of successive creations from this Plane.

All is Energy, Matter and Thought occupying different vibrations (or frequencies). Thought is infinitely fine; a force ebbing and flowing, expanding ever outwards, ever onwards. It is so subtle. Thought – the forerunner of all expression.

Time is also involved. Time is a pulse beat - a form of Motion and Essence between the Occurrence and Conclusion of Manifestation.

We are manifested in the Physical Plane to express and to gain experiences; and once again return to our Source with all our experiences intact. But we have forgotten who we are and our purpose for being here. Our Creator, through his great Love for all his creations, has never abandoned us. He sends his Essence into our Plane of Reference again and again and again. His messengers have faced many trials and tribulations at the hands of unenlightened “man.”

“…Our ways speak of unenlightened folly. We pursue paths that are devious. The Light has always been with us. If we could but unveil our eyes, expand our beings and embrace even the Sun that greets the morning skies with open eyes and minds; if we could stand upon our feet and express the dignity of our beings; if we could but realize the capabilities, the intent, in our very presence; if we would only share that which is within us and give to all forms of creation that which is a part of us, our lives would have new meaning. Our experiences would be richer. We would be deluged with warmth and understanding. Our strife would cease; our conflicts end, and truly Peace would be ours as well as understanding.

Within our beings, Light is present. It is not enclosed nor encased. It merely needs a fan to spark, to glow, and to expand. We must help ourselves and open our hearts to receive that which is “Great and Just.”

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