Tuesday, December 13, 2011


For the last three months I have been visited and revisited a vision, a “Vision of Love.”   It is a kind of love that needs to be taught or shared.  For all this time, the time since I had this strange vision about the message of Love, I was worried, uneasy and confused.

My current experience with a woman is with a young and amazing lady I met over two years ago through a strange but divine chance.  We have been seeing each other since then, but in a very complicated process, and in a sort of platonic relationship.  I have been learning about her, and me, and about “True Love,” the ultimate LOVE, the Love that GOD has showed to all of us but we never understood it—the “Soul-Spirit-Soul kind of Love”—“Three-In-One”—“The I Am Love!”

I was married for almost seven years, then, divorced; and so I admit, thought I had enough experienced in the subject of men and women relationship before I got strangely married; and regarding sexual intimacy with opposite sex, I’m still learning more, particularly in the soul-spirit-soul relations.  I may not be a professional individual to give sound advice on human relationship issues, and sex and love, but I am confident that I have enough knowledge and experience to share my personal background of the matter, particularly in the philosophical and personal aspects of the man and woman beings, and the matters that make them come together or stay apart from each other, that is, sex and love.

But most importantly, what drove me to share this matter of "LOVE" to you is that, I believe, not to mention the issues of same sex marriage our society is facing today, it is one of the major problems that is associated with the change or progress of our culture today; and that the Spirit of Higher Will has been so much affected with this collective emotions, and wanted to let us understand the human bodies, male and female, and the respective gender rule in the relationship, and in the social fabrics of our lives, to find balance in both.

And here I begin to share the following:

1) The MALE and FEMALE

The basic relationship between the two halves of humanity, between the masculine and feminine, has over the centuries becomes shadowed by distrust, competition, withholding, and domination.  Our relationships are often reflections of unresolved tensions, unmet expectations, and heartbreaking disappointments.

There are many of us now who want to be finished with this grief.  We are asking how the feminine and masculine can positively and authentically work together to support each other, not only within the dynamic of a couple, but more importantly within the consciousness of ourselves as individuals.  How can we transform the conditioning that has rendered us suspicious, afraid of being exploited, and thus distant from our own power, passion, and wholeness?

The male dimension of our culture’s psyche will never be at peace until it recovers its reverence for the feminine.  Yet in order for us to respect, treasure, and yield to the female instinctive wisdom, we must see that we have been conditioned to project onto the feminine energy.
In many of us, the masculine dimension of ourselves is learning to say to the feminine, “In you I see the forces I have feared, the chaos I have tried to control, the Earth-mother I have been taught to exploit.  I have been conditioned to deny you, to see in you the prospect of emotions running out of control.  I have thought it necessary to dominate and repress you so that life might feel more ordered and contained.  I have often treated you as inferior and have disdained your intelligence because it was different from my own.  I have felt important by holding you as unimportant, and I have felt powerful by demeaning you.

“But now a shift is taking place.  I am beginning to realize that I am here to support you, to provide structures that enable you to live the full power of your spontaneous nature.  I am learning to listen to your vision and to help it become a reality.  I am learning to sense your rhythms and healing urges, as you settle into the depths of yourself, knowing it is safe for you to purge, renew, and express that which has reached its time.  I want to call you forth, to embrace you, and rejoice in your power.  I want to learn and grow with you, to take pleasure in our differences, and to be drawn to life by your mystery.”

As the dominant/submissive model of relationship gives way to a partnership model, the feminine aspect of our being is realizing just how devalued, depreciated, and humiliated she has been.  As she begins to feel worthy of respect, she may feel not only sadness for what has been lost, but anger as the patriarchal and patronizing paradigm that has caused so much separation and pain.  This is the birth of the warrior spirit in the feminine, and she will arise and object whenever life is not respected.

Whether manifesting through a man or a woman, the feminine warrior spirit asserts that love is wiser than fear, and that all are worthy of compassion.  She rises up against that are ruled by violence or the threat of loss, and replaces hierarchic and authoritarian family systems and social structures with ones based in trust.  She upholds that genuine power is not the ability to dominate or control, but the capacity to respond, to support, care for, and nurture all of life.

As the feminine dimension of our consciousness gathers strength, we begin to see what over the years has bee projected onto the male.  The feminine might say, “I have been conditioned to see you as a tyrant who will not be countered or questioned, and I have obeyed you out of fear.  Expecting you to take the credit for everything, and for my support to go unnoticed, I have ignored my own contribution.  Assuming your wisdom to be more rational, I have distrusted and subdued the flame of my own creative intelligence and I have backed away from my own power.  I have experienced your needs as valid, important, and essential, and I have negated my own.  In this, I have not been a true partner to you, for I have believed that you wanted me to diminish myself to lean on you, rather than to trust my own integrity and develop my own strength.

“I have seen how the placing of one half of humanity over the other has poisoned all human relations, and I do not wish to exchange places with you and come to hold myself above you.  Together, as partners, we must recognize that we are a part of each other’s wholeness.

“I see how you have been hurt by your separation from me.  I see how you have been trained to hold yourself aloof, to deny your weakness, and I can see the pain that this has caused you.  I am here to see you grow strong and unafraid of your emotions, and to help you know that the heart is as much a teacher as the mind.  I hold you in love as you return to me, and I watch over you as you remember to cherish all that gives life.

“We are a union.  And within that union can be seen the workings of the sacred mystery.  We bring each other laughter and warmth, challenge and learning.  We can touch each other’s mystery, and call forth from each other a life that has meaning.  Together, we can be encouraged to take risks on behalf of what we treasure, and find ourselves moved to experience the edge of the wave that is life.  Without each other, we are incomplete, but with each other we can look to failure with hope, knowing the best is yet to be.”

This search for balance is reflected in every aspect of our lives and the world around us.

2) The Relationship Between SEX and LOVE

There is a dynamic relationship between sexual energy and love.  They interrelate deeply; they work together to bind creation into a wonderfully cohesive whole.

Love is like the tree of life, with its trunk, roots, branches, leaves, and fruit.  Sexual energy is like the sap moving within this tree.  It is the current that transports nourishment and vitality to every cell of the whole.

Sexual energy is not merely the urge toward reproduction.  This is but one small expression of its purpose.  While love is an expression of the ultimate oneness of all life, the sexual force is the living, breathing energy of polarity within that oneness.  It is the energy of attraction and repulsion.  It is what draws together and propels apart, what unites and separates.  It is a wave that ebbs and flows, that waxes and wanes, that builds and declines, creates and destroys.

The urge toward consummation is where sexual energy that builds temples, plants gardens, writes books, and adventures into the unknown.  It is this same energy that invents, aspires, inquires, and evokes.  And it is this same energy, when blocked, leads to war and destruction, and then once more strives to rebuild.  Sexual energy is the call of the future and the drive toward expansion.  It is the ever-present insistence of life that everything continually evolve.

All this action and movement, this pulsating life force, this ongoing transformation, is the flow of sap moving within the eternal tree of life, which is love.


In all of life, including our sexuality, what is appropriate for one person will not necessarily be so for another.  What gives one-person freedom may be uncomfortably restrictive to someone else.
In our culture, after hundreds of years of sexual denial, the pendulum has swung the other way.  Now our society has a preoccupation with sexuality.  There is hardly a place where its mark cannot be found.  This makes it difficult to feel the deeply personal, intimate, and holy function that sexual energy can play in our lives.

Despite the degree to which sexuality permeates the culture, the collective guilt of history can still be felt.  We have been socialized to be suspicious of pleasure, to live removed from our bodies, and to maintain a tight rein over our feelings.  In a culture riddled with guilt, sexual confusion, and body shame, the sexual force has often been misused.   Yet when entered with joy, tenderness and respect, it becomes not only a source of great vitality, but a guide to the ways of the heart.

We are entrusted with our sexual appetite, power, and capacity for feeling not so that we will be driven by it, but so that we may be nourished and upheld, strengthened and moved.  The flow of sexual excitement in the body is, in and of itself, a healing gift.  There need be nothing about our sexual experience that removes us from the sacred.  In fact, sexual union can be the ritual expression that unites body-soul and spirit in a divine dance of Creation.


The Messiah said, “The greatest thing of all is LOVE.”

GOD is LOVE.  Love is everything that we give and receive.

LOVE has made everything in the world EVOLved.

LOVE is not what we do or believe to flower but who we are in our essential SELF.

Friends, relationships are not made, they are recognized, before love proceeds.

Alchemists express love through their “Great Works.”

At the center of Creation, there is Love.  Love is the deepest of the universe.  Love keeps all of life moving toward the greater and richer fullness.  Love calls all of life toward peace and harmony, as well as toward “change and upheaval.”

Love does not exclude anything or anyone from the bounty of her adoration.

And so when we ask, “How can I become a vessel for unconditional love?” What we are actually asking is “How can I accept all of life as worthy?  How can I give my deepest approval to all beings and all things at all times?  How can I open my heart to each experience without judgment or resistance, but with the intention that all be served and enriched, that all be cherished and upheld?”

Our ability to accept what comes to us, even in the difficult or painful circumstances of our lives, enables us to learn about and experience the true power of love.

This work is the greatest and most demanding challenge that any of us are asked to undertake.  The more of life we can accept, the more of love we are able to give and receive.


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