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11:11--My Personal Experience

Many people around the world have experienced "Eleven-eleven" phenomena for decades now.  (Based on my own research on the Web.)  On the Internet, you will find stories from people who told their own experiences of these visions.  There are books, magazines, and other forms of reading and visual materials available as well.

[Before proceeding, please be reminded that the following comments may not be understood easily, so please be open minded; and use your keen understanding.]

I heard of this 11, 11 about two years ago from a friend, but it did not interest me then.  Some individuals and psychologists (for this subject, I call them Skeptics) think that, people see these visions because they have lost touch of reality.  According to them, we are enslave with [the progress of] technologies, powered by energy; and these same [electronic products] communicate us (join our brain waves in the space-time) through series of zeroes and ones, converted into symbols, so we could understand and response; like the cell phones, computers, and the Internet to name a few.  They believe that our thoughts are controlled or have interfered with the digital frequencies or signals around us; and that somehow, our subconscious minds are programmed to capture certain signal through dream incubation.   Skeptics have the reason to share their opinions of the matter as they see fit.  I share their belief as well, but only to a certain degree.  We wake-up in the morning, the first thing we look is digital clock to see what time it is.  We go to the bathroom to relieve there's a digital clock.  Your coffee maker is digital.  Your microwave is digital.  Etc. ... And, ... before you go to bed, you check your emails (and may be after you wake up in the morning as well).  It is a cycle of mostly the same things over and over, again...

To me, eleven-eleven is giving us a "message."  These 11,11 sightings--has to be 11,11 or 11:11; otherwise, this symbol means nothing or no real message--are not just experienced by few individuals but many, and have had happened even before the peak of the technological advancement, and seen by peoples around the world.  I have a strong belief that these sightings carry a real message for two reason: 1) This can be traced in the Bible; and 2) I recently experienced with this number, twice; but my experienced is neither shown on digital clocks nor adding or pairing numbers of birth dates, zip codes, phone numbers, etc., but as source materials that I considered from dreams.

In the Bible, you can relate this sighting, and all other sightings or visions, to the verses in the book of Acts 2:16-21:

[And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on my male servants and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.  And I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke; the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.  And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.]

This is one of the reasons why I said, "I share their (skeptics) beliefs as well, but only to a certain degree."  This is because, not only that I have in depth knowledge of the digital world, but also because I believe, that even at the time of this writing, people in the theoretical science community still have no concrete answer to how the universe is created.  They came close, but not conclusive--"Theory of Everything."

Not too long ago, my first encounter with this number--11, 11--was through an exchange event in a dream that goes like this: (I thought it was fit, I incorporated the result of my analysis of this material to one of my recent blogs here.)

"... suddenly, I was in a convenient store (a family store owned by friends of my family) to buy 2 dozens of salted bread; the youngest son, named Jude, came out with 2 brown bags of bread and handed them to me.  I tried to count the pieces of bread in each bag, but Jude said, "I only give you 11 pieces in each bag."  I was confused to hear it and wanted to ask why, but he was gone..."

The next day, when I got the chance to work on the day's materials, including the one above, I researched and analyzed the meanings of these codes.  Included in the results are:
  • JUDE - Book of Jude; it has only one chapter, and 25 verses.  It's the book before the Book of Revelation.  Jude can mean Judas, or Judas Iscariot, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus; rebuked by God; and left 11 Apostles but eventually replaced. It could this be referred to Jude 11:11 verse; unfortunately, there is no Jude 11:11, so I thought may be 2:2 or shall I say, 22, because, included in the materials, 1 dozen equals 12 pieces, multiply by 2 equals 24, minus 2 equals 22, thus, Jude 1:22.
  • BREAD - spiritually, this means words of wisdom, or food of the spirit.
  • SALT - from salted bread; salted bread could mean, sinful thought or sinful food; this is related to sin as mentioned in Mark 9:42-50.
Strangely, another 11,11 has emerged in my source materials few mornings ago.  This was flashed as "Mat 11:11."  The odd thing is, this was the only material that was very clear in my dream that night.  [There were few numbers that tailed or suffixed to this 11:11, but it would be scary to include them here; and I don't wish to alarm or panic you (the reader)].  As usual, when I got the chance, I analyzed the material(s) and posted the result(s) here.  Regarding the actual material--Matthew 11:11-- here's the verse/message: "Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he."  (This verse may not be easy to comprehend as the context is only part of the whole message about "the messenger;" "the sins of the cities (world);" "and salvation," so please read the whole chapter--Matthew 11:1-30.)  From the referenced material, I found two interesting codes:
In numerology, the spiritual symbolism of 11 is "transgression."  It is transgression of the law because it exceeds ten (10), as there are only 10 commandments of God.  My personal research from the Bible revealed that, every time the 2 are separated, as 1 and 1, they foretell "destruction" or "punishment."  To site a few, please read the following books: Matthew 24:39-41; Luke 17:30-35; and 1 Kings 18:23.

The common symbol or universal meaning of 11, that is very common to us, is idiom phrase "11th hour," meaning, the last moment when change is possible.

Up to this point reading this post, you probably have an idea of where I'm coming at.  If you haven't, please continue and enjoy.

All my research on this subject, not only from what I have given you, is that, 11:11 seems reminding us that we are in the last hour (or eleventh hour--most of these sightings are seen on the clocks)  to repent.  According to some Bible scholars, we are in the "time of no-time" zone.  A time that God said, "beginning the eight, neither count the time, nor years, nor months, nor days, nor hours."

"Time-of-No-time" is when the seven thousand years have passed.  And according to the ancient book I read, the succeeding time shall not be counted since there may be no complete cycle in this time...  A time of uncertainty...

I hope this post has shared light to these mysterious 11:11 sightings.  And please share your comments, even anonymously, so we may be able to find the real message of this symbol.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

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