Sunday, June 05, 2011

060511.15.6--Message for Today: Thoughts, 11:11 sighting

The material I picked up this morning is related to the topic I posted here last night; and it is prominent.

First off, please forgive me for not being black and white in giving you the results of my analyses on the materials (coded messages) I picked up (or will be receiving) for most of my posts here, including this.  I don't want to alarm the reader (you), or cause panic.  There are already so many negative materials posted on the Internet, and I don't want to be part of it.  If I borrowed any material that is already available, publicly, and decided to use it as reference or link to it, I always made sure that I have reviewed it.  I want to make this clear to you (my reader), as I always do.  Also, you can use your good judgment, or ask spiritual guidance, as I believe you will not be failed, "if you just believe."--We have had been walking and living in the "Spiritual Age;"  some people call this "Spiritual Awakening;" others believed we are "spiritual beings" in a body, not the other way around--human being with both spirit and soul--which I really have difficulty comprehending "how this be?"  I believe in Holy Spirit; but I disagree with this idea of "spiritual being" for one simple reason: "God only chooses the ones who are worthy to receive a Helper!"  And this Helper is not necessarily given to the righteous one, but to anyone who, He believes, has the heart, good or evil, to do the task, as part (as it was written) of the fulfillment of God's plan.  But I also believe that a soul can become a "soul-spirit" through enlightenment or purification.  To those who believe that we are "spiritual beings," perhaps what they meant is "Spirit Being;" but this is another subject.

[... Man's life was thought of "Wind (nature) and God's breath (soul, not spirit)."  The Helper (Holy Spirit) shall only be given to anyone who is worthy to carry His plan--as part of His team--this is true in our society.]

Sorry for this lengthy foreword.  I just want to give you a clear picture of my thoughts, so I could put you in my shoes before delivering today's message.

The message is simple. It's related to the post last night: "We need to give heavy thoughts about these 11:11 sightings."  ... And it is up to us how to response it...

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