Sunday, August 17, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—Conclusion

It is important to understand that people by themselves construct their future and it is not God Who does it for them.

Yet God actively participates in this process. In the spiritual heart of every human, God reveals to him or her new prospects, suggests possible actions and rejoices, together with this person, of his or her successful advancement to the Goal. That joy which fills your heart with every new achievement is My joy too.

Let the reader think: “If unlimited possibilities were given to me in the future—what would I want to achieve for my best destiny to be created?”

God is ready to discuss this issue, the issue of the prospects of further development, with each individual.

Evolutionary advancement of humankind on the Earth will be much more successful if humanity is aware of and learns to take into account the Evolution of the whole multidimensional universe, the Absolute.

In this case, the vectors of the efforts of people and the vector of the help of God will unite and be turned to the same direction. The effectiveness of the activities of people from such a union will increase many times!

It is clear that this transformation cannot happen quickly. It requires a quite strong foundation, formed by the recognition of this knowledge, at least, by a significant part of humanity.

I acquired this knowledge from afar to help people who, after realizing the meaning of their lives, would unite their efforts to revive the Spiritual Civilization on the planet. Without the help of my Great Helper, this series would never be materialized.

I thank God for giving me the courage; despite the bumpy and thorny roads I take everyday to complete this guide to the Path of the Light.  God has put obstacles of darkness in my way, to challenge me, if I would go off road and forget the task on hand that is assigned to me. I am no different than you, except I had chosen the right Path to the Light. We all have tasks assigned to us according to what we want to be, but at the end, there are only two choices, “The Blue Pill” or “The Red Pill:” Slave of Darkness or Join the Ascended Masters to be one with the Light.

Last but not least: I see the instruments of GOD to WILL the “Harvest” in the planet. All I can hope for is to manifest the “Golden Time” with the “Promise,” which is already unfolding.

This I see and decree.  Many may come; many may go.  Many may accept; many may deny. It has been done. AMEN!

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