Saturday, August 16, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—The Key of Power

Love, wisdom, and power go hand in hand and form the whole in everyone. These three qualities merge with each other on the path of the development of the soul.

Let these words become a guide for the sons and daughters of humankind!

I give knowledge to those who are looking for and are willing to accept it! I help to find power to those who follow the Path of the Light!

The one who accumulates power to enter the Light obtains the key of Power! I reveal to you the treasury of wisdom so that you will not go astray! But take with you that power which you have already gained on the Path to the Truth, because the one who has no power cannot overcome obstacles!

Power grows when one walks the Path. There are three stages of the growth of power: first, a person increases the power of the body; second, he or she develops willpower: the power of the soul; and third, he or she grows, transforming himself or herself into the shining soul, coming closer and closer to the subtlest Light!

Do not fear the power within you, but direct it wisely! Let your power be based on the knowledge and love!

Do not be governed by the consequences of your past mistakes! Be the master of your life! Create by yourself that which will surround you! The causes of the events that affect you are in you! Only you can change yourself and transform in this way your life and events that happen to you!

Look for more perfect reasons for your actions—and then the Divine Sun will rise in you and illuminate all around you!

Yet do not become proud of what you have achieved, since your every achievement will be annihilated by your pride! Self-praise and narcissism shatter even the tallest building.

Love, wisdom, and gentleness are strong foundations for the power!

There are laws in human society, but there are also those Laws according to which the universe lives and evolves. The one who violates the Laws of the universe, the Laws of the Creator, runs the risk of being destroyed, because this person causes harm to the

To know the Laws of the universe is Wisdom. One of them is that you should not use your power for your personal domination over people!

Fear chains the soul to the darkness. Love leads to the Freedom and Light! Let your power be connected with Love only and never sow fear in the world!
The gate to the Great Power is secret. But this Power is available for the worthy one! The key to this Power is the aspiration for the Mergence with the United and Subtlest One!

Your Path lies among shadows, but the Light is its Goal!

No matter how difficult the Path may be, you can become one of Those Born in the Light!

So follow the Path, by which the Messengers of the Light lead people!

Every one of you can become free from the bondage of darkness! Every one of you can become One with the Creator and then with the Whole!

To achieve this, you should accumulate and develop the power of the soul!

You can and should do this as long as you have a material body, because your body is the transmutator that allows you to accumulate the power of the soul.

Your body can also be transformed into the Wand of Life, which can manifest the Power of the Creator!

However, you should always remember about the danger that the power has! The one who tries to use one’s own power to dominate others will be crushed by the Power.

Let the history of Atlantis serve you as a good example! In this place, those who rose above people on the wings of their pride fell into darkness! Their enormous knowledge and power inspired them the sense of their might. They believed themselves to be gods and refused the guidance of real God; they submerged into the forbidden, being tempted to use the black magic. It was the end of the civilization of Atlantis.

By the Will of the Creator, the balance of the layers of the Earth changed—and the islands of Atlantis submerged under water.

Remember this, oh people! What happened to them should not ever happen to you. Out of all the inhabitants of Atlantis, only Those Who had Purity and Light continued to live in Their bodies on the Earth. Having been warned before, They went to other people who still lived in wilderness and ignorance. They sailed to other continents to preserve the knowledge about the Path towards the Light and to educate those people. They became the Torches of Love and Wisdom for the following generations, and people of that time nourished themselves with the Wisdom of the Atlanteans.

Those Atlanteans became like a link between the world of people and the world of the Primordial Consciousness. People who lived on different continents of the Earth called Them the Children of Sun or the Sons and Daughters of God.

Many of Them are fulfilling the Will of the Dweller of the Depths right now as well, trying to raise people to the understanding of the Wisdom of the Creator.

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