Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—The Key of Work

Despondency is peculiar to idleness.

Tireless work is peculiar to the one who is recognizing the Primordial.

The Light can be recognized only by the one who works!

Without the key of Work, it is impossible to pass the entire Path to the Perfection!

It is not easy to find wisdom! It is not easy to cleanse the soul and bare it before the Light! But only when the darkness in you is erased and all the covers of the soul are stripped—the Light will shine in your heart!

Wisdom can be recognized only through the efforts! The one who does not make such efforts is stagnant or slides back. It is so because there is not only the Path of Development, but also the path of degradation, leading to the darkness! So strive always to reach the Light and do not cease working on yourself-soul!

You should know that those who have reached the Life in the Light do not stop their work. But their work is different and may include the entire worlds of developing life.

Great aspiration to conquer your lower nature and master the Path towards the Light should arise in you!

Year after year, with the restless effort and aspiration, you should gather wisdom and strength and grow as love! Make great efforts tirelessly in order to obtain freedom from all the heavy and dull in the soul!

Each time when you come to an obstacle on your Path and you think you have reached the limit—know: you just stand on the threshold of a new stage of your development and you can begin a new stage of your ascent! The obstacles only indicate the steps of the Path! And the One Whom you are recognizing is boundless!

Do not think that those who shine with the Light of Wisdom and embrace the infinity of the cosmos were always like this. There was a time when they also overcame the Path towards the Light, growing from the small to the Great! Let this knowledge strengthen you in your efforts! The one who does not make efforts does not reach the Goal!

All possible material things will not bring happiness to you if you haven’t worked in the spiritual field! When you grow as the soul, trying to reach the Light, do even more than you were suggested, and you will rejoice!

My every key opens a new gate on the Path that leads to the Life in the Light. Use these keys also to help others seeking the Light! This is the service pleasing to the Creator! What you have contributed to the Existence of the Whole is important! This is what determines the value of your life for the Universal Life!

The Rulers of the world, the Masters of Life, work bringing this knowledge to the embodied people. They themselves choose what to do and accelerate with their efforts the Evolution of the Whole!

The soul that is approaching the Light is beautiful and free! You, too, move in harmony, staying in the impeccability and remembering that you are not walking alone but are being guided by the Messengers of Light!

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