Monday, August 11, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—The Key of Love

Love is the key that opens to the soul, the gate to the Light, to the cognition of the Creator!

This Path is the Path of the spiritual heart. It can be represented as a ladder consisting of many steps and landings.

The degree of transformation of the soul-consciousness into Love predetermines what abilities will be entrusted and opened to this soul by the Divine Guides.

Stability in the states of love and peace is what the person who masters the steps of the evolutionary Path should demonstrate. Gatekeepers will always test such person on the stability of these states of consciousness.

Each time when he or she passes successfully one of these tests—the key of Love will open the next gate to him or her.

Yes, when a disciple comes closer to the next level of initiation—the tests on the stability arise immediately before him or her. Only if this disciple can overcome with the help of the key of Love the obstacles that arise—he or she will be considered worthy of ascending to the next stage of gradual cognition of the Boundless One.

The above said is one of the laws of the soul’s development in the Universal School. All that the soul gains before obtaining the key of Love is only a preliminary stage of the spiritual growth; it is only a “kindergarten” of the Evolution.

You should know that the Light is hidden in your nature! Darkness is only the outer cover! Search for Light in the depths of your spiritual heart!

Only through love, you will be able to reach the Unity with the Whole! Vanquish the darkness inside yourself! Dispel the dark veil that separates you from the Light of Truth!

You should follow what you will comprehend in your spiritual heart because it is a home of Light inside you and the source of love, which, growing, can embrace everything!

Let your love be the herald of your morning! Let your love illuminate the beginning of each one of your days, burning more and more with every hour like a rising sun!

Let every day of your life on Earth passes not in vain! Be open with your light of love to people who appeal to you! And then let everyone take, as a gift from you, that which he or she can encompass.

If, on the contrary, the light of your love is closed to people—this is your fault before God!

Pour out your heart light as the sun pours out its light in the morning! Make the flame of love your essence! And then the soul will kindle with the fire of love that embraces everything and everyone!

Yet you have to make a lot of efforts so that the soul can become pure and burn steadily with the light of love!

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