Saturday, August 09, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—The Key of Freedom

Remember, readers! The future starts today! It begins now!

Your future starts always right now, as well as the future of the whole Earth! Remember that!

This is my key to Freedom: one determines one’s own future by oneself! Right now you can create your own future!

Moreover, even without knowing about it, you inevitably do it. Yet you can also do it consciously!

Every moment of time is the present that determines your future! The past is already gone. It always doesn’t exist!

Those things from the past remain with you that you are not ready to leave behind, that are dear to you, that you hold strongly and that you are attached to. They may be positive or negative and move you forward or hinder your evolution… Nevertheless, you are the one who can choose from all your past, which you want to take with you to your future!

(Though past is in the past, it doesn’t mean you cannot fix it yourself, if any errors have had been made; it is just not in the reality or the same way as they appeared in you life, which is beyond in this subject of “freedom.”)

Negative karma exists as long as a person refuses to think and act consciously and responsibly and leaves it to the Creator. The Creator creates according to the person’s state of mind.  All thoughts have spiral probabilities, negative or positive, waiting to meet the right energy for manifestation. All thoughts have probabilities to enter the Life of the Creating Divine Power.

Yet to prepare yourself for this immersion, you should control your own future. You are the one who can choose how you want to live!

You choose it right now by your way of thinking and acting, by the emotions in which you live!

You should decide for what and how you are going to live! This is what forms your future!

The law of karma ties people only because they are not ready or do not want to cleanse themselves of the negative past and continue to project it onto their own future. (You see this in every culture. The annual remembrance or commemoration of things or events happened in the past, just to give it a bold example.)

Each person is such a “projector” and projects onto his or her own future his or her emotional states, behavioral patterns, and state of the energies within the body and “cocoon.”

To become free from the negative karma, mechanism of repentance exists. One eliminates vices in oneself—and they stop “projecting” events onto one’s future, those events that might be needed to understand and eliminate specific vices.

God is in everything existing. He revives, creates, and develops the whole world. Everything will change dramatically in the life of the one who will learn to notice and feel the constant presence of God in one’s life.

Love—as the quality of a soul—is what allows this happen. The love for God, Who creates everything in the universe, is what allows a person to build, to co-create the future in cooperation with Him—the Higher Creative Power!

Similarly, the entire community of people determines right now its common future in the world. It depends on each one of them. It is the sum of all contributions, big or small, positive or negative, of numerous people.

Those who become Mahatmas have the greatest responsibility for the destiny of the Earth! Their contribution can be enormous!

The past is opened to anyone who is able to see the flow of time. The one who has recognized one’s own past creates the future.

The future is not fixed. It changes when new causes create new situations. This is how each person creates his or her future right now!

Having recognized your own fetters, i.e. the evil qualities of the soul, you should know about the possibility to rise from the darkness and shine in the Light!

Flesh contains the fetters for the soul, but at the same time it gives the opportunity for growth. You can subdue and control the desires of flesh through the abstinence! (“Flesh and Abstinence,” meaning, knowing and understanding the value of control and the benefits of this “Sacred Body.) You can strengthen your “will-power” struggling against your flaws!

Refraining from excesses in food—you conquer the desire of eating too much. Refraining from the idle chatter—you conquer your mind. Forcing yourself to control and to eliminate, immediately, your negative emotions—you gain the ability to control your emotional sphere. Cultivating love as the state of the soul—you direct your steps towards the Light!

The means of controlling the inner state of yourself-soul are inside the multidimensional structure of your organism. I speak about “Chakras.” After having learned to control them through knowing yourself inside your own body, you will be able to leave temporarily this material envelope in order to travel in the Light, recognize It, and merge with It!

A human body is the unique and perfect creation of God! It is designed to live 700 — 900 years, during which one can keep developing oneself as a soul. Many in Atlantis lived so. The same I can say about successful disciples of God who lived among people scattered over the central area of Eurasia in the same era.

The potential of health inherent to the structure of a human body allows restoring and reviving the work of its broken systems and organs. Full acceptation and application of this knowledge could create a revolution in modern medicine! The cases of healing when the power of a human soul was used to restore bodily functions and health are well-known for your contemporaries, but… Absurdity and barbarism, manifested in the lack of understanding of the meaning of life on the Earth, threaten humanity with troubles and disasters… This is so, because one of the purposes of the natural and technological disasters happening on the planet is to force people to begin thinking about the meaning of human life and about the life of the whole planet on which humanity lives…

You are a part of what is called humanity and can start changing both your future and the future of the Earth!

Let everyone do it, starting with self-transformation!

When something bad happens to you, accustom yourself to asking the question “what for?” instead of “why?”

To look for your faults and errors in your past is always useful! Repentance is something necessary!

But even more useful is to look into the future! In this case, the overcoming of each obstacle in your destiny will raise you out of an abyss of suffering, out of the captivity of the causes and effects of “Sansara.” This positive attitude with a look into the future allows you to pass quickly and efficiently the difficult parts of your own destiny and do not cast the shadows of new errors on your future. And the most important of all for you is to always feel the Presence of God in everything, in yourself and in what is happening with you right now!

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