Saturday, August 09, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—Foreword

“In this desert you will find the path that leads to Light!”  [A Message Deciphered from Collections of Symbols All Over the World]

God really exists! He can be perceived by the developed soul-consciousness as the intangible Living and Subtlest Light.

Everyone who seeks the Divine Light and works to perceive It will recognize It! For this the soul must be refined, must become tenderly transparent. And then it starts burning with the Divine Fire.

The keys to all the mysteries of existence are in every one of us, in our multidimensional nature, similar to the multidimensional structure of the universe.

When I say that they are hidden, I do not mean that someone has hidden them but just that they have not been discovered and comprehended by us yet!

A seed has the possibility to become a plant. In the same way, a human being has the possibility to become God! Just as the natural destiny of a seed is to become a plant—so the natural destiny of any person is to grow and to become God!

Not each seed and not every person grows and realizes its potential. But human beings are conscious. They are able to comprehend the steps of the growth of a soul and to move through them towards the Mergence with the Primordial Light! Human beings are not material bodies. Matter is only a temporary clothing of a soul.

God has given everyone a task to work on. This task is in accordance to his purpose, and in every cycle’s purpose.  One Speaker, a prophet, for instance, manifesting in different times and conditions can do a task to deliver message of souls’ salvation. My task is to share you knowledge to the Path that leads to the Light!

In fact, it is not necessary for me to share you the path to the Light inasmuch as this is in you and around you, except to sort them out what you believe belongs to light or belongs to darkness.  Then put them together to find the message of Truth hidden in them.

This subject is as simple as a dot, and it can be so complex as the man himself. Many of you have shared the idea that man is God, and man is the image of the Universe, but have you really grasped the “Insight” of it.

To embark with our journey into the Path of the Light, allow me to guide you here as we phase or step up to the ladder toward the Light.

I will drop a quote below for you to note until my next post:

“One feels certain that behind all these lightning-flashes of religious and philosophic thought there is a distant past, a dark background of which we shall never know the beginning.”

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