Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wisdom of Emotion


There’s only one Absolute Gift that is extended to the Son of Man, that is, LOVE.  When Love is planted in the womb of earth, It becomes two—light and fire; positive and negative; heaven and earth; respectively, the polarity or duality of life.  This is the TRUTH.

Every human life bears a blueprint of the Spirit-Soul of the Almighty Creator.  To become One with the Creator, man must be equal to his Creator.

And so what is Love?  Love becomes two in nature or has two faces, when it proceeds from the Absolute Being to become man-‘i-fest’ (MAN-I-FEST).

The word ‘manifest’ is to exist, to materialize, or to become matter.
The word 'infest' is to inhabit.
But the word ‘fest’ is to meet, as to meet somewhere (in earth).

Love is immobile (lifeless) when it is only a seed or in heaven.  Once a seed is planted or released on earth (or any planetary sphere) it becomes mobile—“IN MOTION OR EMOTION.”

What is Emotion?  Emotion is to set things in motion.  And how do things are set in motion?  Emotion cannot move if sets only in heaven.  Emotion must be released on earth (or any planetary sphere) to move forward—to manifest.

Albert Einstein, being scientist, had to put his words cleverly.  But what good is that for a blind man? It will just create confusion.  But thanks be to GOD for giving us Einstein for the blind men to continue living, for living is the “unwavering purpose of life”—the preservation of light, or we'll go back to darkness; have you looked at the sky lately?  And having said that, I’d like to borrow Einstein's quotes to support my wisdom of emotion.

(1) "Human beings must have action; and they will make it, if they cannot find it." This is to keep men occupied, so not kill themselves of boredom.

(2) “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” We must keep our emotion balance.

(3) “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” We are the ones that preserve our species for future generations. This quote is very similar to the one from the Bible, that is, "God did not send his Son into the world ('world' here is a metaphor to represent as manifestation of the Holy Spirit in physical body) to condemn the world ('world' here refers to mankind—world cannot be named world, or exist, without 'man'), but in order that the world ('world' here also refers to mankind) might be saved through him (Him as Christ Consciousness)."  This whole verse is very clear that whoever makes an effort to purify himself will be saved when heavenly fire is released (and with this, only the Father  knows), or if the whole solar system is swallowed by a "black hole."  To those who are familiar with what remains after a star or galaxy is swallowed by a black hole would clearly understand this.

And so be strong with your heart and acquire wisdom to face the Truth, because that is what there is to life when it is handed down from Almighty Father.

We have to gain back our rights to sit in the left hand of Light, as light, equal to the right. It is the only path to survival--"Salvation" in Christian teaching.  It is our illusion that prevented us from gaining our rights back to become a legitimate child of Light. It is our key to the kingdom of heaven.  And as Ernest Holmes would say, “Evil is an illegitimate child.”  We are becoming an illegitimate child of Light.  And there is no such thing as evil.  Evil is the illusion that we are creating to ourselves.  As Einstein said, “God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”  And as you observed in the social minds these days, "darkness" is potentiating (filling) the social matrix of societies.  And it is our emotions that drive us away from the Creator/Light.  Loose or at least balance your emotions, you will see changes in your life.

Following are (extended) lists of Emotions that men have created outside from the Absolute Wisdom that must be balanced within man’s psyche for man to become one with his CREATOR/LIGHT:

Positive Emotions

Able, Absolved, Abundant, Accelerated, Acceptable, Accepted, Accepting, Accomplished, Accountable, Achieving, Active, Adaptable, Adequate, Admirable, Admired, Adored, Affluent, Agreeable, Agreeable, Alert, Ambitious, Amenable, Amused, Appreciated, Approving, Assertive, Assured, At ease, Attached, Attentive, Attractive, Authentic, Awake, Aware, Awesome

Balanced, Beautiful, Believing, Blessed, Blissful, Bonded, Brave, Bright, Brilliant

Calm, Capable, Captivated, Cared For, Careful, Caring, Cautious, Centered, Certain, Cheerful, Cherished, Clean, Clear, Collected, Comfortable, Comforted, Committed, Compassionate, Complete, Composed, Comprehending, Confident, Congruent, Connected, Conscious, Constant, Content, Cooperative, Courageous, Credible

Daring, Decisive, Defended, Delighted, Dependable, Desirable, Dignified, Discerning, Disciplined, Distinguished, Dutiful, Dynamic

Eager, Easy-going, Ecstatic, Edified, Efficient, Elated, Elegant, Elevated, Emancipated, Empowered, Encouraged, Energetic, Energized, Enthusiastic, Euphoric, Exceptional, Excited, Exhilarated, Experienced, Expressive, Exuberant

Faith, Fantastic, Favored, Firm, Flexible, Flowing, Focused, Forceful, Forgiven, Fortified, Fortunate, Free, Friendly, Fulfilled

Gentle, Genuine, Gifted, Glowing, Good-natured, Graceful, Gracious, Gratified, Grounded, Growing, Guarded

Happy, Harmonious, Healed, Helpful, Heroic, High, Honest, Honorable, Honored, Hopeful, Humble, Humorous, Important, In control, Included, Independent, Infatuated, Influential, Innocent, Inspired, Intelligent, Interested, Invigorated, Invincible, Invited, Jovial, Joyful, Jubilant, Judicious


Learning, Liberated, Light, Lighthearted, Loose, Loved, Loyal, Lucky,

Magnetic, Marvelous, Masterful, Mature, Meek, Merciful, Methodical, Mindful, Modest, Motivated

Neat, Noble, Non-judgmental

Observant, Open, Open Hearted, Organized, Outgoing

Pacified, Pampered, Pardoned, Passionate, Patient, Peaceful, Perfect, Persevering, Pleasant, Pleased, Popular, Positive, Powerful, Praised, Precious, Prepared, Present, Productive, Proficient, Progressive, Prosperous, Protected, Prudent, Punctual, Purified, Purposeful

Qualified, Quick

Radiant, Rational, Reasonable, Reassured, Receptive, Recognized, Redeemed, Regenerated, Relaxed, Release, Reliable, Relief, Relieved, Remembered, Replenished, Resolute, Respected, Respectful, Responsive, Restored, Revitalized, Rewarded, Rooted

Satisfied, Secure, Selfless, Self Reliant, Sensational, Sensible, Sensitive, Serene, Settled, Sharing, Simple, Skillful, Smooth, Soothed, Spirited, Splendid, Stable, Steadfast, Strengthened, Strong, Successful, Supported, Sustained

Tactful, Teachable, Temperate, Tenacious, Tender, Thankful, Thoughtful, Thrilled, Tolerant, Tranquil, Triumphant, Trust, Trusting

Unbiased, Understanding, Understood, Undisturbed, Unhurried, Unique, United, Unselfish, Upheld

Valiant, Valuable, Valued, Virile, Vital

Warm, Wealthy, Willing, Wise, Wonderful, Worthwhile, Worthy



Negative Emotions, or the Teaching Emotions

Abandoned, Abused, Accused, Adrift, Afraid, Aggravated, Aggressive, Agitated, Agony, Alarmed, Alienated, Alone, Aloof, Ambivalent, Anguished, Animosity, Annoyed, Antagonistic, Anxious, Apathetic, Apprehensive, Argumentative, Arrogant, Ashamed, At Fault, Attacked, Avoiding, Awful, Awkward

Bad, Baffled, Banished, Barren, Bashful, Beaten Down, Befuddled, Belittled, Belligerent, Bereft, Betrayed, Bewildered, Bitter, Blaming, Bleak, Blocked, Blue, Boastful, Bored, Brokenhearted, Bugged, Burdened, Burned Up

Captive, Careless, Cast Off, Censured, Chagrined, Chaotic, Chastened, Cheap, Cheapened, Cheated, Childish, Clingy, Clumsy, Competitive, Compromised, Compulsive, Conceited, Condemned, Confined, Conflicted, Confounded, Confused, Contemptible, Contentious, Contradictory, Contrary, Controlled, Covetous, Cowardly, Cranky, Crazy, Crippled, Critical, Criticized, Cruel, Crushed, Cursed, Cut Off, Cynical

Debased, Deceitful, Deceived, Defamed, Defeated, Defensive, Defiant, Deficient, Defiled, Deflated, Degenerate, Degraded, Dejected, Demanding, Demeaned, Demoralized, Dependent, Depraved, Depreciated, Depressed, Deprived, Derided, Desecrated, Deserted, Desolate, Despair, Desperate, Despondent, Destitute, Destroyed, Devalued, Devastated, Difficult, Disappointed, Discarded, Disconcerted, Discouraged, Discredited, Disgraced, Disgusted, Dismal, Dismayed, Disorganized, Disparaged, Dissatisfied, Distant, Distorted, Distressed, Distrust, Distrustful, Disturbed, Dominated, Doomed, Double Minded, Doubtful, Down, Downcast, Drained, Dread, Dreary

Embarrassed, Embroiled, Empty, Enraged, Envious, Estranged, Exasperated, Excluded, Exhausted, Exploited, Exposed

Failure, Faithless, Fatigued, Fearful, Feeble, Filthy, Finished, Flighty, Flustered, Foggy, Forgetful, Forgotten, Forlorn, Forsaken, Fragmented, Frantic, Fretful, Friendless, Frightened, Frigid, Frustrated, Fuming, Furious, Furious

Gloomy, Good for nothing, Grieved, Grim, Grouchy, Guilty, Gullible

Harassed, Hardened, Harsh, Hasty, Hatred, Haughty, Haunted, Heartless, Helpless, Hesitant, Hindered, Hopeless, Horrible, Horrified, Hostile, Humiliated, Hurried, Hurt, Hypocritical, Hysterical

Ignorant, Immature, Immobilized, Impaired, Impatient, Impotent, Impoverished, Imprisoned, Impulsive, In a Bind, In a Quandary, Inadequate, Incapable, Incensed, Incompetent, Inconsiderate, Inconsistent, Indecisive, Indignant, Ineffective, Inefficient, Inept, Inferior, Inferior, Inflexible, Infuriated, Inhibited, Insecure, Insignificant, Insincere, Insulted, Intimidated, Irresponsible, Irritable, Isolated,

Jealous, Jittery, Joyless, Judgmental, Jumpy

Lacking, Laughed At, Left Out, Let Down, Limited, Listless, Livid, Lonely, Lonely, Lonesome, Longing, Lost, Lousy, Low

Mad, Malicious, Maligned, Manipulated, Manipulative, Materialistic, Mean, Melancholy, Minimized, Miserable, Miserly, Mistreated, Misunderstood, Misused, Mixed Up, Mocked, Moody, Mortified, Mournful, Muddled

Naïve, Narrow Minded, Nauseated, Negative, Neglected, Nervous

Obnoxious, Obsessed, Obstinate, Obstructed, Offended, On Edge, Opinionated, Opposed, Oppressed, Outcast, Outraged, Overlooked, Overwhelmed, Overworked

Pained, Panicky, Paralyzed, Paranoid, Peculiar, Perfectionistic, Perplexed, Persecuted, Perturbed, Perturbed, Pessimistic, Phobic, Phony, Pitiful, Powerless, Prejudiced, Pressured, Punished, Puny, Pushed, Put Down, Puzzled

Rattled, Rebellious, Regretful, Rejected, Remorseful, Remote, Reproved, Repulsive, Resentful, Resistant, Responsible, Restless, Restrained, Restricted, Ridiculed, Risky, Rotten, Ruined, Rushed, Ruthless,

Sad, Sarcastic, Scared, Scattered, Scoffed At, Scorned, Seething, Self-Conscious, Shaky, Shallow, Shameful, Shocked, Shot Down, Shunned, Shy, Sick at Heart, Sinful, Slammed, Slandered, Slighted, Slow, Small, Smothered, Smug, Sorrowful, Spiteful, Stagnant, Stifled, Stingy, Stressed, Stubborn, Stumped, Stupid, Suffering, Suicidal, Superficial, Superior, Suspicious

Tactless, Tearful, Temperamental, Tense, Terrible, Terrified, Thoughtless, Threatened, Thwarted, Timid, Tired, Tortured, Trapped, Troubled, Turned Off,

Unable, Unappreciated, Uncertain, Uncomfortable, Undecided, Undesirable, Undisciplined, Uneasy, Unforgivable, Unfriendly, Unfulfilled, Unhappy, Unimportant, Unmindful, Unorganized, Unpleasant, Unprotected, Unreasonable, Unsettled, Unsure, Unthankful, Unwanted, Unwise, Unworthy, Upset, Uptight, Used, Useless

Vengeful, Vexed, Vicious, Vindictive, Violent, Violated, Vulnerable,

Washed up, Wasted, Weak, Weepy, Whipped, Withdrawn, Worried, Worthless, Wounded, Wounded, Wrong



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"The results were remarkably strong and consistent across individuals and cultures and clearly pointed to the powerful role that emotions play in how the human brain maps from hearing music to seeing colors," study researcher Stephen Palmer, a UC Berkeley vision scientist, said in a statement.