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2012 Phenomena, "Is it over yet?"

2012 Phenomena, “Is it over yet?”

The 2012 phenomena have come and gone, and the Sun smiles at His children, because, as ever, they are all blinded by the Truth.

As you know, 12/21/12 has passed with smooth transition. This is because the world’s emotions collectively deceived and united, and has surpassed the evil thoughts, but still people are blind to understand the 2012 phenomena.  In the sacred writings, it says, "For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be."  And the story of Jonah is the best example to explain this matter.  And if you still cannot comprehend this, maybe this saying will help, "You can blaspheme or speak of evil against the Father and the Son, but never the Holy One"—The Holy Spirit.

We are halfway through these 2012 phenomena; and natural and man-made calamities will continue for another three and a half years, give or take, before it gradually back to normal or bearable standard of life that people got used to.  If my understanding on the scientific facts given by some independent astronomers are correct, we are moving away from the center of the galactic equinox, and what this means, and the effect to our inner-selves, humans are gradually becoming less spiritual.  And to my understanding, we are now in the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

The role of Jesus, the Messiah, was to teach mankind about spirituality, and prepare them (us) for random soul harvest and scheduled harvest.  Random harvest is determined by the condition of the individual soul/spirit, and this applies to both to positive and negative polarities (energies)—if you are extremely positive (light) your will be harvested before the scheduled harvest; on the other hand, if you are extremely negative (darkness), you will also be harvested before the schedule. There are more negative souls that are harvested before the scheduled harvest than the positive souls/spirit. The scheduled harvest has had gradually taken place and sped up three and a half years (3.5) ago, when our solar system was moving/approaching/passing by the center of the galactic equinox; and another three and a half more years (3.5), as we move away from the center; this knowledge was given to us by prophets; and perhaps written in the Bible as “Seven (7) years of tribulation”—3.50 + 3.50 = 7.00 (years). We are not out of the woods yet.

The reason Jesus, the Messiah, taught us about 'who we are' is for us to become spiritual or fully spirit (purified/enlightened or if I put it in layman’s term—“to increase our signal or to build within ourselves a stronger antenna”) is because that we, humans, will becoming less and less spiritual, as we move away from the gateway to the Infinite Intelligence we call "GOD;" and if we would not become fully spiritual being, eventually, we will have chaos in our societies, and people will become fearful, because they would feel less and less love and understanding (to their fellowmen). Churches and religions can no longer hold their positions in the spiritual aspect of human life. People will seek the Truth, but truth will not come to them.  And the verse in the Bible that says, “And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.”  Death is Life, a "New Life."  When man cannot find answers to things he doesn't understand, or when he can no longer bear the life that he created, he would commit suicide, or if he is afraid in this process, he would continue to live, but eventually his conscious mind will become disorder.  And the saying holds true, "There will be gnashing of teeth," because man would not be able to understand himself.

The reason why we are feeling love and understanding, and respect living in this time, between these two ages, Piscean and Aquarian, because we are still closer to the gateway/portal of Infinite Intelligence. And again, now we are moving away from our heavenly Father, we will gradually feel the ‘new consciousness.’ We have learned this from our social progress, but since we are blind, we don’t understand it. Because we have been ignoring the ancient warning that says, “STAY AWAKE!”

And perhaps, the increasing number of Indigo children that are being born since after the Second World War is a sign for this ‘new consciousness’—their subconscious is programmed to absorb the impact of the new and future world/earth’s vibration. These children are what the spirit world called “High Density” energies. They are the energies that in their previous incarnation into physical form of human life were almost harvestable positive and negative souls, but got entangled with the scheduled and unscheduled  harvest or they die of old age before they became fully enlightened. Do you notice this in our retired people community  They start to find spiritual consolation in churches and network with people who are frequent church goers.  Going to church every Sunday or the Sabbath day does make a soul spiritual.  It would help guide the soul to spirituality. It is the understanding of the Truth and finding Wisdom that gradually removes the stain that veils the light of man.  And so, these Indigo children had almost reached the light and were in the highest dimension or density energies and have incarnated to face their final mission of life—"To Become Light." Their memories of negative knowledge were totally reset/removed from their Akashic records, as all human incarnations do, but their memories of positive knowledge were open to them as guide, but only like a shadow, to help remind them that this current life is the final test before they become a fully qualified spirit or a crystal being or a star system, as the old saying says, "When God closes the door of life, He opens a window in heaven to shine down forever." These Indigo children cannot be controlled.  Their inner-selves always remind them not to focus on something that makes them confused, and may lead them to the path that leads to darkness, which they had avoided in their previous incarnation. As you know, our societies are being manipulated.  In the same manner, these Indigo children are hybrid, and have strong spiritual signal embedded into their “Subconscious Mind” and cannot be easily influenced. 

This maybe hard for you to comprehend, but as a simple and tangible/visible example for you to understand, think of God as a fixed “radio transmitter/repeater/receiver” and you as a “radio transmitter/repeater/and receiver” as well, because you are the child of your heavenly Father.  The more you move towards and closer to your Father, (the) your connection with your Father is going stronger and stronger, and this is why you feel or experience something spiritual (things that you cannot understand); but as you move away from your heavenly Father, (the) your connection is going weaker and weaker, until you feel or less spiritual and more confuse. The Spirit is perfect, and knows everything in heaven, as well as in earth—the material world. If you are not fully purified/spiritual, the effect on this issue/matter is catastrophic to your inner-self and well-being or mind, if you still exist to experience this. Human life/soul is born or proceeds from spirit.  And the role of Jesus was extremely important for the development of the soul—the soul must become spirit/purified/enlightened.

Now, we will see the gradual effect of this spiritual transition as we move forward, if we still live to see this change—and trust me, "it will happen"—the best example to prove this is the gradual progress or development of societies, according to knowledge that individuals', or collectively, shared/contributed. This change, as matter of fact, had (gradually) effected, even before the time of JESUS, thus, He had to be born among us for this reason, but only those who understood the language of the spirit world can see or interpret this reality. Other religious symbols, along with the mystics and philosophers are among the fully qualified spirit gurus to teach us about “Who we are.”  the spiritual symbols were the Masters of the Holy Spirit's.

The truth is we are all star/crystal beings who happened to exist in earth.  And in fact, only in the third density planetary sphere, like our earth, life in human form can exist or manifest in matter or physical form.

I hope I have given you a spiritual knowledge and understanding to begin your spiritual quest. you were born of a spiritbe the Spirit.  For the young minds, you have ample amount of time ahead of you to enjoy and experience, but your time will not be like a picnic in the park. Someday, you will see houses with high fences; and only military and local law enforcers carry firearms. But we will all see these things to happen, because we are all the future generations.  Unless we become light (because we are all children of light—this is our purpose—to become “light”) we all comeback to any third density planetary sphere, because we are bond in this kind of life—birth and death.  That is why we are told, “Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you Free.”

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