Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life Is A Gamble!

How befitting it is that the Roman soldiers cast lots to receive Jesus Christ’s robe?  Christ’s ’garment’ symbolizes the “Flesh of Life”—the Physical Body of Man.

“LIFE IS A GAMBLE!” If you don’t believe it, you are just fooling yourself!

How many times you have heard this expression?  At least my experience, I can’t recall, because many times, so many times.  The moment you are conscious of your surroundings, you are building your chances of winning and losing (life).  Period.

Two things that may give you a sign that we are all here on this planetary sphere for “FUN;” one, when you believe that you have incarnated from previous life/lives; and two, when you believe that everything comes from ONE, All is ONE and One with ALL; and even your thoughts are not originally yours.  We are all ‘spiritual channels.’  And that is the Truth—“Spiritually True.”  GOD/The CREATOR lends us a chip of life to gamble every time we exist in this planet. This chip is our capital so we may be able to pay Him back everything we owe from the time we were liberated (bought) from darkness.  The “Parable of the Talents” written in the bible would be the best example for this. 

Life is a gamble or it becomes boring, no meaning, and no benefits (to man).  This is the very reason why we have to know the “Truth and Stay Awake,” because in any game, professional players always have the advantage; and not only that, they even trick the novices/beginners to their advantage.

Knowing the truth and staying awake are the important knowledge to impress in our minds, because, like a tree, there are millions (if not billions) of leaves than branches and vines.  Most of us are leaves, but without the leaves the branches and the vines, and the roots, are nothing but a lifeless thing.  We are all interconnected.

The spirit world had given us this expression, “Life Is Gamble,” to let us know that that is all about.

My friend, you are an ‘eternal being.’  Whether you become a ‘saint’ (pure light) or die and come back to life (body/mind/spirit-soul complex) in time in space/time (three-density planetary spheres, like Earth) you always exist with a fresh memory—no knowledge of past experiences, but these past experiences always chained to you—your Akashic record, as Edgar Cayce put it.  Albert Einstein left us this great knowledge to comprehend that, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can change from one form to another.”  But the great and controversial Nikola Tesla had given us a clue of our existence when he said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, understand frequency, energy, and vibration.”  We are all compositions of various intelligent energies.  Sciences have proven this.  And the bible has given us a clue to our existence in a metaphor, being an ensemble or an orchestra—each kind of energy has vibration/frequency. 

We owe a lot from our Father/Creator; thus, we have to gamble our life to pay back our debts.  Until we paid everything with interest, meaning free from darkness, we continue to feel pain and experience sufferings and challenges in life, and live in this environment.  The rest in life you see in the social framework is just ‘spiritual design and response’ for the world to move forward, or everything stops.

We cannot live in unity and in harmony, if we don’t understand who we are and act accordingly and responsibly.  We possess spiritual power that our Father planted in us that we do not know, as it is written, “Man doesn't know his nature.”  This power is fatal, if we don’t know and understand it.

Love and Wisdom can make things happen, good or evil. Love and Wisdom is like a sharp double-edged sword.  Love and Wisdom is the answer to everything.  Love and Wisdom is what this universe (s) came to exist. We come from It.  We live with It.  “Without It, We are just fooling ourselves.”  Period.  Isn't that what game players’ do when they cannot win?  When people love something, they'll do anything, at any cost to get it.  Isn't this what we are seeing (and experiencing) in our world today?

We are fooling ourselves. We live in illusionary world—everything you see is just an illusion, if you think it deeper and harder; it is our real nature, as it is written, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”  We are all vagabond gamblers!  We are all like "Joker" archetype in a deck of cards.  We are all like "The Fool" archetype in tarot cards.

But thanks be to God with His steadfast love and enduring nature for giving us all the experience of life, and yet we do not know—"Our happiness is God’s glory."  But many DO NOT want you to be happy or enjoy life fully!

Let’s take our God-given right back and ‘have fun with this life’ before HE takes everything back with Him, as it is written, “I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA.”


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