Friday, July 20, 2012

071912.22.4--Message for Today: A Love To Last A Lifetime

The message I picked up, again, is about LOVE: "A Love To Last A Lifetime.”

This message above is not strange in the “Absolute World or Spirit World,” if you have knowledge of what I am talking about—ancient philosophers would think of spirit world as related to this saying, “What is Above, and so Below.”  Or in the simplest term, “Before it is Visible, thing originates from Invisible.”  Or the Bible said, “There is nothing hidden that will not come to light.”  (In fact, “It is very important for a thing to be hidden or it will not come out.”  [I hope you were ready for that last sentence.])  This is how the Creative Process of the Spirit World works.  This post is very special because the message is befitting to what is happening in our world today: “The Lack Of Genuine Love That Would Last A Lifetime.”

I searched the Internet, and YouTube site, and found a relevant material in a form of a song befitting to the message, that is, “A Love To Last A Lifetime.”  I picked this video because the lyrics are very close to the only thing that the spirit world is asking from us—“Genuine Love that is shared with us by the Holy Light.”

Please understand the lyrics, especially these ones, “We’re all just merely passing through… We’re fools we sometimes do crazy things, and our hearts would take wings like a sparrow; but that’s life, we’ll take each day as it comes…” The truth is, “Life becomes a risk or a gamble the moment we received it from the Life-giver.  The choice is ours, and we have to face it when it is already in our hands.  If we decided to change or alter this life, we have to face the transition process as we get use to the new life!”  (The full lyrics of the song are posted below.)

And WITHOUT (GOD”S LIFETIME) Love, we would still be in darkness!  Because of LOVE we are given a chance to experience life in a human body.  And LOVE is the only reason that the Holy Light remains shining for us.  In deeper or scientific understanding/analysis, “It is not our body that God (the Father/Spirit) is after for, but the life (spirit) that he has lent us (souls) to be one with Him (Spirit or Jesus Christ) in the body, and this He’ll take back during the Day of Judgment—Galactic or Severe Solar Event.”  And having said that, “This is the reason why we are always in danger or in fear, because we are blinded by the gods of this world to see the truth,” so these gods can have their perpetual enjoyment of the flesh, because at the end, we all go back to ONE SOURCE.

And here is the song, “A LOVE TO LAST A LIFETIME:”


We're all just merely passing through 
Doing what we can do in our lifetime
We have more than one adventure to take
More than one dream to make in our lifetime
As for me there's only one dream 
And that's to love you my love 
With a love to last a lifetime

We're fools we sometimes do crazy things
And our hearts would take wings like a sparrow
But that's life
We'll take each day as it comes 
Never leaving the crumbs for the morrow
As for me, all of my days I will spend them all with you 
Loving you with love to last a lifetime

If we all could leave something lasting behind to be remembered by 
Just a song for me and then at least I would have tried 
I agree it's not so much what we have 
As how we use what we have in our lifetime 

Thirty years is worth a hundred and two 
It's really what we can do in our lifetime 
All my love I would give for as long as I may live 
With a love, true love, to last a lifetime

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