Sunday, July 29, 2012

072712.21.3--Message for Today: Galactic Object

We have to keep an eye on the object coming towards earth.  I know that NASA is monitoring the sky and outer space for the rogue asteroids, but God forbid, I hope this is no what people think it would be.  I am one of those skeptics, but word (or words) is powerful that I believe it has its own will to make things manifest into physical plane in due time.

The Universe is so vast that even with the kind of technology we have today, we only knew a little of her.  I also believe that there were civilizations in the past, who have live in the previous great solar cycle that were far more advance than us, thus, we have shared their DNA's, but because the way our minds have evolved through our own volition, we have restrained our full potentials to understand our universe and our existence.  And only in our dreams, when we are not in our body, that we are able to see these unseen threats.  I also believe that the 'spirit world' is also helping us protect our world and our species.  After all, I believe, whether living species, including humans, or aliens (beings that live in different dimensions), that Earth is the only place where beings, in different level of dimensions co-exists.

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