Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov


THIS PARTICULAR POST/BLOG IS ABOUT 2012.  I have nothing to do with this Youtube video, whatsoever, except that I came across with it the other night.  I watched it, and I thought it was very fascinating and a good knowledge and important piece to share to the public.

I noticed that when the subject of 2012 phenomenon comes up in a conversation, people tend to be critical on the subject or are afraid to hear about.  THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR ABOUT, ESPCIALLY IF YOU HAVE GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF IT.  In fact, if you believe that the universe has been around for billions of years, then you also know that our solar system has been around that long.  If you believe that everything in the universe is in motion and in cycle, then our solar system had already been through all the galactic threats so many times; and all these galactic objects that threaten our solar system are in their own rules/paths, except that when they become a threat to our solar system their physical conditions may have changed over the passing of time, and this is what we need to consider and understand about, because it’s like a roll of dice every time our solar system, or our planet, or any of the heavenly bodies in our solar system, is approached to a threat.  This is just my philosophical opinion to this matter.  But what are important is our selves.  We are the receptacles of life.  And God has given us knowledge to understand this situation and to protect our souls to any threat; including the real threat to our solar system that I would call “The Day of Judgment,” because everything in the solar system shall be affected, and particularly our sun.

Here’s the video:
Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

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