Thursday, February 09, 2012

411.1: Notes on Blog Updates

To the readers:

I feel indebted to you for not giving you updates on the materials I have received.  Most of the materials I picked-up recently are about natural calamities, and mostly earthquakes.  I also picked-up some materials relevant to the economic conditions, and the realities are reflected in Wall Street, the leading indicator of where our (world) economy is heading—I have been picking up this kind of material, but I don’t want my blogs to become a gambling or betting source for Wall Street investors but to save lives.

There are more interesting materials I have received lately but they are hard to decipher, because they have to be given a great deal of objective and real approach, combine with comprehension of the actual events, so we can get a glimpse of this future.

But I would like to thank you for reading my blogs, and hope you can share this Web site to others.

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