Saturday, August 20, 2011

082011.14.5--Message for Today: Wisdom, reminders

  • All the wisdom in the world (and in the universe) is poured out to the people on earth as coded messages to constantly remind mankind that the kingdom of God is true.
  • There shall be more looting that would happen everywhere in the world.
  • If political and economic crises around the world will not be controlled, I'm afraid that "Third World War" would be imminent.
  • Or worse yet, I'm afraid that if no one understands the works of the "Divine Energy" through wisdom, the next great, great solar cycle would not come.  The Mayan people have been preparing for the end of their Long Count calendar cycle event, hoping that their great gods would grant them another great, great solar cycle for generations to come.  (I have a separate blog on this topic here.)

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