Tuesday, July 26, 2011

072611.19.1--Message for Today: Vermont, USA, land

The following messages are from yesterday morning's source materials:

1.  One of the messages seemed to indicate that southwestern, or western part of Vermont, USA would be inundated...

2.  The first message above could also be referring to the future portion of the USA, because the source material showed local images of the southwestern portion of Los Angeles County, USA that was slowly washed away to the ocean... And the roads were cuts and split apart...

3.  There shall be more chaos and gang violence everywhere...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

071911.21.3--Message for Today: White House, earth, green industry

Notes to consider:

1.  There shall be a huge rebuilding in the White House, or in Washington, in general...

2.  The earth is in great danger--roads are breaking-up...

3.  The green industry is not producing any jobs...  (This we already know before it had been imagined.  It is just we are all caught up and trying to find a solution to create jobs.  My thoughts of this, "it is like we are squeezing ourselves to the last drop.")

Saturday, July 16, 2011

071611.18.9--Message for Today: Earthquake, stock market

  1. There shall be more earthquakes developing.  I hope Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, USA would not be hit.  Asian Countries show strong signals, but only Mother Earth knows where the pressures are!  It is always wise to be prepared.
  2. There shall be more financial instability looming in the horizon.  Stock market will have a rough ride.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

071211.14.5--Message for Today: 1929

I picked up this message almost over a week ago, June 29 to be exact, but I didn't post it because I thought the message is happening already.  But when I saw the Stock Market data yesterday, particularly DJI's, that says "151.44"--I was mesmerized, and thought "my God!"--And then the world stock market's figures from today echoed the sell-off, I thought there is more serious than this.  So I'll just lay it out here: "I hope we won't be experiencing another 1929 Great Depression, or Worse ... because I saw it's developing already..."

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

070611.17.8--Message for Today: Sun's rotation, star

The message I have picked-up this morning is about the sun's rotation, or it might be the solar/sun's cycle.  It seems that there's something that we need to keep an eye to this effect.  In the meantime, we may need to understand our sun's cycle or rotation.  This may help us finding clues of its mysterious activities or even its life's span...

Also, included in the message is the death of a "star."  This could be heavenly body, or a prominent celebrity, or anything that would caught people's attention.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA: 2012

2012:  I AM the ALPHA and the OMEGA

[PLEASE NOTE:  1.  I am not affiliated with any religious denomination.  I read the Bible and use it as reference, just like anyone who uses a good writing reference material available.

2.  There are numbers of webpages linked to this post.  To find them, please hover the cursor over to the blue colored or colored words, sentences and paragraphs.  Up to the time of this writing, all the webpage references linked to this post to support my points have been tested and available.  If, and only if, they are taken or removed from public view by the rightful publishers, please alert me by providing an anonymous comment on the comment section below, so I would be able to find a new source of reference to replace the original that would be removed.  Thanks for your understanding.]