Thursday, June 09, 2011

060911.19.1--Message for Today: Neon sign, costume, Maya

To you my reader, the following statements are just some of the materials (from a series of dreams) I picked-up last night.  I'll present them to you, raw, so you can decode them yourself.  They are pretty basic symbols.  You should be able to decipher them.  I'll highlight the coded symbols that I believe keys to analyzing these materials.  I suggest you read my recent posts here, because I think they are related.  I couldn't post the results of my analyses from last night's materials, for a reason that you may already know.  In this regard, all I could say is, "I wish we live in a world where people understand wisdom, and not to condemn anyone's opinions as against the (existing human) laws."  (Laws that were crafted and ratified by majority votes or by individuals who were influenced by personal interests, so [some] people can have jobs.)  Please use your wise judgment in considering (analyzing) these materials.  Thank you for understanding.

Here are the raw materials:

1.  "A red neon lottery jackpot sign showing Mega million and Superlotto jackpot prizes displayed next to each other as 1,1; respectively."  (I live in California, USA; the Mega million jackpot prize begins at 12 million; while Superlotto starts at 7 million.  It is very obvious this has nothing to do with lottery jackpot prizes.)

2.  "A dark woman painted her body like in Mardi Gras and showed herself in the crowd, naked and lively; then another dark woman was painting her body, like the first one, and was about to finish..."

3.  "A (strong/emphasized) question came-out from a man somewhere nearby that goes, 'Have you forgotten the Mayan to their loss?'"

Again, please be responsible in deciphering these materials.  Thanks.  And feel free to post your question(s) in the comment box bellow--Anonymous is allowed.

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