Saturday, January 01, 2011

010111.6--Message for Today: Drinking water, people convergence

The natural calamities we have experienced in 2010 are now bound in our history books but it is clear that these deadly (natural) events we have experienced remain to visit us in the coming days as Mother Nature continues to heal herself.  The most difficult part is, “She has not even started chastising us for the thoughtless actions we have caused to her image.”  As we continue to face the challenges to come, as a start, the following messages shall be considered:

1.  There might be a problem with our drinking water system… or water system in general… (Although, this is happening in some parts of the world already, but this remains an issue...)

2.  People from all walks of life (all corners of the world) are coming together to witness an event…  (This is a strange thing to say for me, actually; and for some reason that I cannot disclose.)

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