Friday, November 19, 2010

Why Number 27?

Why number 27? "I asked myself." The question was stamped into my subconscious like feeling "love at first sight" to a beautiful woman you just met. Strange! It sounds insane, but I did not let this thought control over my daily life.

Again I woke-up from a series of dreams (raw materials) that included a message from my deceased father, who appeared in my dream (material), saying, "there's #27 in every event." This time, I took the material seriously.

(As a note, when you dream of your father, especially, when he already passed away, is a strong symbol of unmanifest Infinite Intelligence.)

I sat down in front of my computer and started “GOOGLING” news articles that have 27 or 2 & 7 together.  Believe it or not, I found quite a lot of them. The most dominant was the total victims of suicide bombers, or related to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Days, weeks, or months later since the material came up, more headline news that have 27's, continually showing up in the news articles posted in major news Web sites: like, air strikes by NATO, if my memory recalls, at least in 3 occasions had 27 total human casualties (killed) involved. This wasn't coincidence. Whether the event happened on the 27th day of the month, or resulting 27 people killed, missing, injured or an earthquake moved the Earth's figure axis by 2.7 milliarcseconds—actually happened in Chile on February 27, 2010; this is real.

I continued to follow the news and the number continually comes out in the news, and then it stopped. But a new number emerged, and even more frequent than 27. This other number, that I cannot tell you, is even stronger than 27.  I know that these phenomena would continue, even if things are back to normal--the stability that we once had, at least we thought there was, is gone forever.  And if you have thoughts of finding about this other number, I can only give you a clue--"it has relation to the 2012 phenomenon that people are curious about."

If you want to check my story about #27, the Internet is available--just search news titles or contents with 27 or 2.7, or sometimes it's 72 or 7.2. The Web pages may not be available any more, but if you asked me, I would be glad to email you copies of what I have compiled.

I want to include a comment here to question people who believe that we are experiencing a "Climate Change" due to global warming, or due to greenhouse effect. It’s easy to say things like that, especially if the subject cannot be scientifically proven or supported 100%. But here I can say is that, "Everything has beginning and end"--it's a cycle--Alpha and Omega. The natural calamities we had experienced around the world prior to the Chile earthquake in February 27, 2010, I believe, were the effects of the coming "New Earth (and Great Solar) Cycle," and the "gravitational pull" that is going on in our galaxy. But when the Chile Earthquake, according to Seismologists estimate, shortened the length of the day by 1.26 microseconds and moved the Earth's figure axis by 8 cm or 2.7 milliarcseconds, the result was (and is) catastrophic.  The air in Earth was squeezed; and you can just imagine the effect of the process.  We don't feel it, but Mother Nature feels it.  I believe this will continue until the Earth settles. This reminded me of the verse in the Bible that says, "And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short." One of the reasons why earthquakes have to happen is to shorten the hours of the day for a reason. To comprehend this, it requires understanding the relationship of our solar system to its host galaxy (and "Black Hole"), and the effects to our solar system, as it moves closer to pass by the center of our galaxy to close this age, the Piscean Age, to start anew, Aquarian Age, and moving away from the center. This reminded me of the verse in the Bible that says, "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away..."

In spiritual aspect of number 27 according to RidingTheBeast.Com is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

In human aspect of #27, I believe that every man's life faces major spiritual challenges while he is living in a body.  And each of these major challenges is experienced when the living body reaches 3, 9, 27, and 81 years old; where at the age 27 man has to make a major decision of his life. Like Jesus, he begun his teaching around the age of 27. I can only speculate that on these ages, except at the age of 81 (average current life span), the human brain/mind activities send strong emotional and psychological signals to human consciousness (collective consciousness/man). Unless serious event happened to a child at the age, say, one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years old that prematurely forces the child’s subconscious mind to send signals (information) into the conscious mind, the first two and a half years of the child's life is controlled by intuition or subconscious mind, as the brain is still in its early development period. And from 2.5 to 3 years old is where the conscious-life (the self or consciousness) begins to experience or store knowledge or information into the "Unknown"--"Akashic Records" or Hall of Records, as Edgar Casey puts it. This is the period of time that when we try to recall our pasts (experiences) as far back as our memory can recall—based on the people I have asked, the average age is two and a half years old--the beginning of the life's challenges to face. This major life’s challenge would be faced again at the age period somewhere from 8-10—some brains develop faster than others (I guess this depends on how the child uses his or her mind/subconscious). At age 18 (adult age set by the social standards) teens are forced to be adults, and many have to face the world by themselves.

Our society has forced human brain/consciousness to prematurely interact with the subconscious mind, and not letting the course of time does its job in due time (this part is what I called, the "job of the spirit").  At the age of 27 (on average, but actually between 26-28), this is the time where most people experienced a big challenge in their lives, which they may or may not know.  (When I asked people at what age they made a big decision in their lives, mostly answered 27.)  The Bible itself had emphasized (through words of wisdom) that the human mind/brain is not fully mature or develop until the age of 46.  So this to me, understanding the brain philosophy, between the ages of 26-28 as I mentioned above, is the time that life is facing greatest challenge of existence.  And 27, that is, 3 X 3 = 9; and 9 x 3 = 27, or 3 X 3 X 3 = 27, is the turning point of our souls.  It is the time we have to begin knowing ourselves--"Finding who we are?"

I would not write in this blogspot how #27 has changed my life, except to say that it has changed me significantly.  At first, I thought I was the only one experiencing these 27 phenomena, but I was wrong.  But know this that even Leonardo da Vinci discreetly painted number 2 & 7 in the woman's eyes on his famous Mona Lisa fresco.

Now, if, and only if, this number, aside from its strange and random occurrences, is giving us signs about our future, then may be we need to give it a deeper look, especially that this number continually shows in the headline news and news-articles.  Also note that number 27 symbolizes death; meaning, "transformation (of consciousness)."

Personally, and to ingest my opinion, I believe number 27 is giving as a message.  When "number 27" comes up in a series of events, it is giving sign of something to happen.  Number 27 is a "Karmic Number"--good and bad/evil.  Number 27 is a code for both positive and negative.  In numerology, 27 equals 9 (2 + 7 = 9), and 9 is the highest or the last number.  It represents completion--end of a cycle and transition to new.

Also, another thing to note is, the sun rotates at equatorial speed at approximately 27 days.

Thank you for reading this post.

PS:  If you want to go deeper to arrive at a closer understanding of why 27 is a very mysterious symbol, please read the "The Cathie Grid." 


Thrione said...

This came out today, Friday, November 19, 2010, 11:20 AM PT (My Time).

Web Link:

Explosion at New Zealand coal mine
By Gyles Beckford Gyles Beckford 2 hrs 9 mins ago

WELLINGTON (Reuters) – An explosion rocked a remote coal mine in New Zealand on Friday, trapping 27 people underground, the company said.

Rescue teams were preparing to go into the new Pike River coal mine dug into the side of a mountain range in the country's rugged South Island, but were checking for gas, which would build up because of lack of ventilation.

Thrione said...

Update on the New Zealand coal mine:

Please note, the first estimate was "27 people" were trapped underground. Now it is 29. For some reason, that number 27 had to be reported. But do you notice this in my first comment:
"Explosion at New Zealand coal mine
"By Gyles Beckford Gyles Beckford 2 hrs 9 mins ago

Here's the excerpt of the updated article:

Rescuers to drill hole at New Zealand coal mine

By RAY LILLEY, Associated Press Ray Lilley, Associated Press 2 hrs 42 mins ago

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Rescuers prepared to drill a gas sampling hole through 500 feet (150 meters) of hard rock and into a New Zealand coal mine Sunday where a powerful blast trapped 29 workers nearly two days ago.

Pike River Mine Ltd. chief executive Peter Whittall told reporters a small six inch(15 centimeter)-wide hole would be drilled into the mine from the mountain above over the next 16 to 24 hours to enable rescuers to sample gas levels from deep in the mine's center.

Underground combustion that continues to generate dangerous gases was preventing rescuers from entering the mine.


Thrione said...

Below are the excerpts from "Stampede in Cambodia" news article:

At least 349 die in stampede at Cambodian festival

By SOPHENG CHEANG, Associated Press Sopheng Cheang, Associated Press 2 hrs 17 mins ago

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – Thousands of people stampeded during a festival in the Cambodian capital, leaving at least 349 dead and hundreds injured in what the prime minister called the country's biggest tragedy since the 1970s reign of terror by the Khmer Rouge.


(See the ages of the people who survive and reported in the article, "Do you think it's a coincidence?"


"I was taken by shock. I thought I would die on the spot. Those who were strong enough escaped, but women and children died ," said Chea Srey Lak, a 27-year-old woman who was knocked over by the panicked crowd on the bridge.


Philip Heijmans, a 27-year-old photographer from Brooklyn, New York, who arrived at the scene half-an-hour after the stampede, walked up the bridge to see hundreds of shoes and pieces of clothing, then a body, then more "bodies stacked on bodies." Heijmans works for the Cambodia Daily, a local English-language newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Business: Stock Market, November 23, 2010.

Stocks slide on Korea and euro-zone woes
13 mins ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks sank on Tuesday as investors dumped risky assets on escalating tensions in the Korean peninsula and as euro-zone debt worries mounted.

The Dow Jones industrial average (.DJI) tumbled 142.21 points, or 1.27 percent.

Other key Stock Indexes:
Spain's sank 3.1 percent to a level not seen since July.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng index tumbled 2.7 percent.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks release: in Russia, fear of damage to future US relations

By Fred Weir Fred Weir Fri Nov 26, 3:32 pm ET

Moscow – Wikileaks is about to drop its biggest-ever bombshell – some 2.7-million confidential diplomatic cables from US embassies around the world – and, although US credibility is likely to take the worst hit, much of the collateral damage may end up in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

Stocks end up 2 percent on efforts to help EU

30 mins ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks rose sharply on Wednesday, giving the S&P 500 its best one-day percentage gain since Sept 1, as European officials' efforts to save the euro zone appeared to be near a critical point and data suggested the global economic recovery was steaming ahead.

Based on the latest available data, the Dow Jones industrial average (.DJI) gained 249.76 points, or 2.27 percent, to end unofficially at 11,255.78. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index (.SPX) gained 25.52 points, or 2.16 percent, to finish unofficially at 1,206.07. The Nasdaq Composite Index (.IXIC) gained 51.20 points, or 2.05 percent, to close unofficially at 2,549.43.

(Reporting by Caroline Valetkevitch; Editing by Jan Paschal)

Anonymous said...

Why 13 months?

Obama to propose extension of Bush-era tax cuts
14 mins ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will propose a tax deal on Monday evening that will extend all Bush-era tax cuts for two years, add an estate tax level proposed by Republicans and extend jobless benefits for 13 months, congressional aides said.

It was not yet clear whether Senate and House of Representatives Democrats have told Obama that they intend to support the tax plan the president laid out in an afternoon meeting at the White House.

Obama will make a statement 6:10 EST (2310 GMT).

(Editing by Philip Barbara)

Anonymous said...

27 Karma is backed ... with 13!

Dozens killed in Bangladesh factory fire; 100 hurt

By JULHAS ALAM, Associated Press Julhas Alam, Associated Press 2 hrs 1 min ago

December 14, 2010, 11:43 AM PT
DHAKA, Bangladesh – Dozens of people were killed after a devastating blaze raced through a garment factory that supplies major multinationals such as Gap and JCPenney near Bangladesh's capital on Tuesday.


Another journalist, Rafiqul Islam, said he saw at least 25 bodies being loaded onto ambulances.

Diganta television reported at least 27 people died and more than 100 were injured. ATN News also said rescuers recovered 27 bodies.
Officials predicted the death toll would rise, said Islam.


About 13,000 people work at the factory on shifts each day, though most were outside buying lunch when the fire started, Islam said.


Anonymous said...

Oil pipeline blast rattles Mexico town, kills 27

By Patrick Rucker and Armando Tovar Patrick Rucker And Armando Tovar 48 mins ago

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Fuel thieves tampering with an oil pipeline could have sparked a deadly blast in central Mexico that flooded streets with fire and killed at least 27 people before dawn on Sunday, officials said.


Anonymous said...

Plotinus took up the study of philosophy at the age of twenty-seven, around the year 232, and travelled to Alexandria to study. There he was dissatisfied with every teacher he encountered until an acquaintance suggested he listen to the ideas of Ammonius Saccas. Upon hearing Ammonius lecture, he declared to his friend, "this was the man I was looking for," and began to study intently under his new instructor. Besides Ammonius, Plotinus was also influenced by the works of Alexander of Aphrodisias, Numenius, and various Stoics.

Anonymous said...

Now your catching on. You will also see the trinity figure and Seven (7)...

Read up about Enoch and the watchers 200+ x10. Will open your eyes further.

Stephen said...

GO to this link in Bing...and see the headlines..then go to the bottom of the page and click on subsequent pages 1 - 6 and beyond