Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mystery of the Number 27

In this blog, I'll refer you to a Web site that inspired me to dig deeper into this mysterious number.  I'm also looking for more relevant references to use for this subject matter, so that you would not think that I'm just making this up for my own pleasure or ego--"sorry," this is not my purpose in blogging here. The Web site that I'll refer to you contains events of all types with 27 in it.  It has mathematical calculations or formulas elaborating or rationalizing number 27; and people from around the world have shared their experiences with this mysterious number as well.  My initial research about this number from this site yielded an interesting result that may relate to "Karmic Relationship," and to knowing more about myself; and perhaps, has led the birth of this blogspot.  If you are interested in this kind of subject, the name of the Web site is "Mystery of the Number 27."  This Web site is actually a blogspot as well; but the creator of this blogspot didn't allow followers, but you can write comments anonymously.  Again, if you are interested, click here.  And please don't be frightened.

Do you experience any symbol or number that had "Karmic Effect" in your life or to other people you know?

Thanks for reading.  And please don't hesitate to comment anonymously, if you have thoughts about this post; and may be we can help people around the world, one comment at a time.


Thrione said...

If you have read this blog, you might remember that I mentioned about "2012 Phenomenon." The article below is the excerpt from one of the major news articles that came out today (November 20, 2010).

Here it is:

Bicycle bombers kill 4 and wound 31 in east Afghanistan
By Rafiq Sherzad Rafiq Sherzad Sat Nov 20, 10:49 am ET

MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Taliban suicide bombers on bicycles killed four people and wounded 31 in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, the latest attacks to underscore the challenges NATO leaders face as they plan an exit from the war.

One bomber detonated his explosives at a police checkpoint in Mehtar Lam, the provincial capital of Laghman province, with the second striking several hundred meters away, Laghman Governor Mohammad Iqbal Azizi told Reuters.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks, which came after a spike in violence over the past week and on the second day of a NATO summit in Lisbon. Leaders at the summit endorsed plans to start handing responsibility for security to Afghans next year and transfer control of the entire country by the end of 2014.

Story link:

Thrione said...

Also, if you follow the New Zealand coal mine explosion I reported here, the number of people originally reported was 27; now it is upgraded to 29, but included in today's report, there were 2 men emerged from the explotion, and 29 still missing. If you examine the numbers, 2 + 29 = 31. 3+1=4.

Do you notice the similarities in these two events?

Thrione said...

This news just came in. It's November 20, 2010, 05:56 PM PT.

Here's the excerpt from the news article:

Woman, 3 kids found dead in violent Fla. scene

(1-woman & 3-kids = 4 people)

By BRENT KALLESTAD, Associated Press Brent Kallestad, Associated Press 51 mins ago

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A woman and her three young children were found killed at a violent crime scene in a north Florida home on Saturday, and homicide detectives were out looking for whoever might have had a reason to harm them, police said.

Anonymous said...

NORTH Queenslander Josh Ufer is believed to be one of two Australians trapped after a blast at a New Zealand coal mine.

A Facebook entry states that the 27-year-old works for Valley Longwall Drilling and it is understood he was on secondment to the New Zealand operation.

His partner is reportedly three months pregnant.

The second Australian has not been identified and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has declined to confirm the names of either man, citing privacy legislation.

The men are among 29 miners who became trapped yesterday following an explosion at the Pike River Coal mine near Greymouth, on the South Island's west coast.

Anonymous said...

Chinese miners all rescued from flooded pit

1 hr 1 min ago

BEIJING (Reuters) – Rescuers pulled out alive all 29 coal miners trapped underground by a flood in southwestern China on Monday, in a rare piece of good news for a country with a terrible record for mine disasters.

State television carried live pictures of the miners being brought out of the shaft on stretchers and put into ambulances after more than 24 hours in the pit in Weiyuan county in Sichuan province.

Thirteen (13)of the miners escaped immediately after the flood waters struck the colliery on Sunday. Media reports originally put the number of trapped at 28.

The successful rescue is a boost for China's troubled mining industry, considered the deadliest in the world due to lax safety standards and a rush to feed demand from a robust economy.

More than 2,600 people died in coal mine accidents in China in 2009 alone.

(Reporting by Michael Martina; Editing by Ben Blanchard and Sugita Katyal)

Thrione said...

November 21, 2010, 11:53 PM PT:

Do you see strange numbers from the news article excerpt below?--"27 & 13." I don't like when these two numbers come out together; especially in the same news article. They give more energy to this blog--a sort of validation.

Here's the excerpt:

Vick, McCoy lead Eagles to 27-17 win over Giants

By ROB MAADDI, AP Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi, Ap Pro Football Writer 1 hr 13 mins ago

PHILADELPHIA – Michael Vick 2, Manning brothers 0.

LeSean McCoy ran 50 yards for a go-ahead score on a fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter, and the Philadelphia Eagles rallied to beat the New York Giants 27-17 after blowing a 13-point lead Sunday night.

Thrione said...

This is not a coincidence. Like I said, when 27 & 13 come out together, "Beware!"

See the excerpt from the latest news article below:

At least 339 dead after stampede in Cambodia

By Prak Chan Thul Prak Chan Thul 1 hr 13 mins ago

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – A stampede on a bridge in Cambodia's capital killed at least 339 people late Monday and wounded nearly as many after thousands panicked on the last day of a water festival, authorities and state media said.

Anonymous said...

Rio drug gangs battle police, 13 people killed

By Rodrigo Viga Gaier Rodrigo Viga Gaier Wed Nov 24, 3:24 pm ET

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Suspected Brazilian gang members burned cars and buses in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday in a fourth day of violence, defying a heavy police presence and raids on slum communities that killed 13 people.

Anonymous said...

U.S. diplomatic secrets revealed

By GLENN THRUSH | 11/28/10 2:15 PM EST

WikiLeaks has dropped a bombshell cache of U.S. diplomatic cables, ripping the cloak off scores of secret deals — including clandestine North Korean support for Iran and the Obama administration’s failed attempt to remove nuclear material from Pakistan.

The disclosures — more than a quarter-million back-channel cables that include brutal, candid assessments of world leaders and previously undisclosed details of nuclear and antiterrorism activity — represent the most embarrassing and potentially damaging release of American diplomatic material in decades.

... ... ...

Among the most important revelations:

"North Korea, now embroiled in a knife’s-edge confrontation with South Korea and the United States, was able to smuggle 19 advanced, Russian-designed missiles, capable of delivering nuclear payloads, to Iran, according to a Feb. 24, 2010, cable detailing a meeting between Russian officials and a State Department nonproliferation expert. The shipment of some R-27 components was widely known in intelligence circles, but the WikiLeaks disclosures represent the first confirmation that Iran now possesses complete missile systems."