Saturday, December 01, 2012

Third Ray of Life: Personal Love and Feeling

This is an old channel, dated back March 13, 1963.

This channel is part of the seven channels compiled in a booklet.  I had no intention of posting this, but I realized that this channel, the third ray or third step, is as important, or even more, as the previous channel, the seventh ray, I posted here.  This channel is first understood, as it is related to the seventh ray channel.

But first, know the seven rays of life, or seven steps of attaining full spiritual being—The Christ Being. Below are the seven rays’ respective spiritual functions and service and achievement:

First Ray: Power and Will: Speaking word for Spirit. Using the sword of truth for spiritual purpose.
Second Ray: Wisdom & Understanding: Intellectual understanding of the divine laws, and wisdom in applying them.

Third Ray: Personal Love and Feeling: Self-dedication and sacrifice to a cause, individual, country, and religion.

Fourth Ray: Crystallization and Manifestation: Completion or anchoring (usually physical) of ideas and inspiration.

Firth Ray: Unity and Integration: Healing and synthesizing varied modes of expression. Cohesiveness.

Sixth Ray: Cleansing and Transmutation: Bridging old with the new through purification and transmutation.

Seventh Ray: Spiritual Love and Peace and Rest: Completion of spiritual lesson on physical plane. Living in divine love, peace and rest.

I have started reading the Ra Material, and this is the reason why I decided to post this channel here. I thought it was not necessary, but when I realized that the Ra Material has supported this channel, The Third Ray, I was convinced to share it with you.  The rest of the rays are One and in you.

I hope you will find this material helpful in your understanding of the soul harvest.

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