Saturday, August 16, 2014

LIGHT Blog Series: Path to the Light—The Key of Unity

To find the key of Unity—one should learn to dissolve oneself.

The consciousness is able to dissolve itself. You are not a body! You are the soul and, in your potential, you are free! You are able to transcend the limits of your body!

The Mergence means to dissolve yourself in the One with Whom you merge. Nevertheless, you should know that before you can do this, you have to become formless and develop the active mobility of the consciousness! Only then you will be able to merge with the Light!

A river, flowing into the ocean, looses its banks that created its bounds. “The waters of the river and the ocean become one.” The basis for the similar mergence of the consciousnesses is love. You cannot dissolve yourself in the space to which you feel indifference! Only love can unite a soul with the Divine Light, with Which the soul aspired to merge!

All that you know and all that you still do not know are the parts of the Great Whole, evolving in Its Infinity!

Deeply under the perishable, there exists the Subtlest and the Imperishable. Strive to merge with It—with this Great Light—into One!

What is the process of the cognition of the Depths?

This is the immersion into the increasing subtlety—up to the Subtlest Primordial Living Light.

Only the one who strives and works tirelessly on oneself achieves the Unity with the Infinite Subtlest Light!

The meaning of life of all consciousnesses is to grow and to become worthy of Unity with the Light in order to enrich It with themselves as the new Particles of the Light.

Do not live in bondage and darkness! Realize your great predestination!

Having achieved the Mergence, you as a soul will have your new Birth in the Light and become the Light!

Every creature may be considered as a cell of the single Organism, cell that grows during the life of this Organism. So, respect every life, no matter on what stage of development it is found!

Every creature has its role in the universal life. For everything that exists and happens, there is a reason and purpose in the life of the Whole.
The consciousnesses that are younger than you on the ladder of life are your brothers and sisters, are they not worthy of your care? And the Consciousness-Light, superior to you by Its boundlessness, is waiting to include you in Itself—in Its All-embracing Totality.

Also, take into account that you live on the Earth—and your life is inseparably connected with the life of this planet. You are connected with this planet and with each particle of the Universal Life that lives on it—either you know about this or not. Look up and down—and see: all is One! Anything that seems to be separated is nothing but a part of the Great Multidimensional Whole.

Your flesh is connected with the flesh of the Earth. The Earth, in its intangible form, and you, as a soul born in the flesh on this planet, are similar to a huge tree of life with a leaf on a branch of this tree. And this “leaf,” which wants to cognize the Universal Truth, should cognize first the tree and only then—the One Who fills the roots of the tree with the Power of Life.

Cognize the Earth! In its Fire Heart, there is the key to everything that inhabits it. The inextinguishable Flame burns there! In this Fire Heart of the Earth, there is the passage or the gate to the Infinity of the Creative Spirit!

Look for the secrets of the Heart of the Earth—and the Primordial One will open to you the gate to Its Abode!

That Subtlest Light consists of the Greatest Consciousnesses, merged together. The Masters of Life, existing in It and representing It, live eternally and do not need to have mortal bodies for this. They possess the Perfect Wisdom and direct the development of the Whole. They are the Hands of the Primordial Power that has power over everything and everyone.

And no one who has started this Path to the Light will stay alone!

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