Sunday, July 14, 2013

071413.18.9—Message for Today: Global Crisis and Calamities are Brewing

With the recent waves of heat as results of solar storms, we can only expect severe effect of these activities into our planet, and into our own human psyche.  Many will deny or even ignore this, but that is because they don't know how and what we are made of, as the Book of Enoch would say, "Man does not know his nature."  This statement is like a double-edge swords that cut both ways, and only a man with the mind understands the truth of the words.

We humans are the custodians of all the creatures on Earth, including our own species, and yet we have forgotten this, because of our blindness to know the truth of "Karma of Life-Manifest"—Cause and Effect. Unless we understand that we are all reservoir of Light-life, we will continue to extinct our own species.  And as the new Pope would say, "Let's go back to our root."