Sunday, November 11, 2012

411.3: More earthquakes on the way...

Who wants to experience natural disasters; like earthquakes and storms, but that is not our will, and no one can prevent Mother Nature, as she also navigate herself to survive in the solar system, but we can understand and learn from her, and to prepare ourselves--our 'souls,' particularly.  (Personally, I believe, we have been given knowledge to know how to understand our Mother Earth, but we have been entertained with junk knowledge and stuff for profit and control, and ignore the important ones, the ancient science, that concern our existence. And that is only my opinion. God has given you brain/mind to open up and form your own opinion.)

I have been meaning to post this, but I was hesitant to do it, because no one would believe it anyway, because we are so blinded by our desires, and by what is around us (surroundings).  This is just my opinion.

It has been two weeks since I continually begun feeling earthquake signs coming, again; and I am even feeling it, as I'm writing you this.  (And I am sure that it is not only me feeling this, I believe, because I spoken to someone, who knew somebody who can feel it as well.  They just don't say it, knowing that they'll be ridiculed.)

Anyway, there is more coming!  But I can't tell where these earthquakes would hit; I just feel they are coming.  That is all!

Good luck.  Be safe.  God Bless.  And most of all, "Love your neighbors as you love yourself."

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