Saturday, May 21, 2011

052111.12.3--Message for Today: Self-purification, Luke 24

1.  Instead of waiting, and suddenly fall asleep, for somebody to appear or something to happen... it is wise to begin cleansing or purifying our spirit and prepare to face "judgment" while the list (or evidence) is being discreetly presented...  and prepare for the transformation, and hope for the eternal life ...
2. Please read Luke 24; I am giving you this raw material, so you can read it yourself, and use your good wisdom to understand the message.  Actually, the message that came through was a series of Luke's, chapters 1 through ... and missed Luke 24, but it continued.  I looked up the book of Luke, it had only 24 chapters, the chapters that were given in the material missed chapter 24 and continued infinitely...; so it is wise to read the book of Luke, but keep an eye or study Luke 24.

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