Tuesday, April 26, 2011

042611.16.7--Message for Today: Solar storm

“I believe that very soon we will experience the violent power of the ‘Sun!’”

I received and decoded the above message long before I started this blogspot.  I have been holding this information because, as we know, the scientists have predicted a great sun storm that would happen, perhaps sometime in years 2013-2014.

I was convinced to post this now because all my research, including references from the Bible, point to this big event; I even have two possible dates, and 12/21/12 is not one of them.

Unless we (you) have the money to build an underground living facility, or live somewhere where you can protect yourself from the sun’s radiation, we (you) really don’t have choice except to prepare for the worse, and have strong faith in “Divine Almighty” that we are among the ones would be saved (like what He said in the book of Revelation); “and with God, it is always possible.”  This thing can happen anytime, like a thief—like God said, “stay awake!”


Anonymous said...

Power companies prepare as solar storms set to hit Earth

ReutersBy Scott DiSavino | Reuters – Sat, Aug 6, 2011

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Three large explosions from the Sun over the past few days have prompted U.S. government scientists to caution users of satellite, telecommunications and electric equipment to prepare for possible disruptions over the next few days.

"The magnetic storm that is soon to develop probably will be in the moderate to strong level," said Joseph Kunches, a space weather scientist at the Space Weather Prediction Center, a division of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

He said solar storms this week could affect communications and global positioning system (GPS) satellites and might even produce an aurora visible as far south as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

An aurora, called aurora borealis or the northern lights in northern latitudes, is a natural light display in the sky in the Arctic and Antarctic regions caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere.

Major disruptions from solar activity are rare but have had serious impacts in the past.

In 1989, a solar storm took down the power grid in Quebec, Canada, leaving about six million people without power for several hours.

The largest solar storm ever recorded was in 1859 when communications infrastructure was limited to telegraphs.

The 1859 solar storm hit telegraph offices around the world and caused a giant aurora visible as far south as the Caribbean Islands.

Some telegraph operators reported electric shocks. Papers caught fire. And many telegraph systems continued to send and receive signals even after operators disconnected batteries, NOAA said on its website.

A storm of similar magnitude today could cause up to $2 trillion in damage globally, according to a 2008 report by the National Research Council.

"I don't think this week's solar storms will be anywhere near that. This will be a two or three out of five on the NOAA Space Weather Scale," said Kunches.


The NOAA Space Weather Scale measures the intensity of a solar storm from one being the lowest intensity to five being the highest, similar to scales that measure the severity of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

The first of the three solar explosions from the sun this week already passed the Earth on Thursday with little impact, Kunches said, noting, the second was passing the Earth now and "seems to be stronger."

And the third, he said, "We'll have to see what happens over the next few days. It could exacerbate the disturbance in the Earth's magnetic field caused by the second (storm) or do nothing at all."

Power grid managers receive alerts from the Space Weather Prediction Center to tell them to prepare for solar events, which peak about every 12 years, Tom Bogdan, director of the center said.

He said the next peak, called a solar maximum, was expected in 2013.

"We're coming up to the next solar maximum, so we expect to see more of these storms coming from the sun over the next three to five years," Bogdan said.

(Reporting by Scott DiSavino; Editing by Alden Bentley)


Anonymous said...

Massive Sunspot 8 Times Larger than the Earth, Poses Threat For Major Solar Storms

November 4, 2011 | Filed underSPACE Posted by Kyle Shilt

A major sunspot is presently emerging on the surface of the solar disk facing Earth. According to Jess Whittington at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center(SWPC), the huge and still growing sunspot is the most active part of the sun since 2005.

The area is called Region 1339 and is being referred to as a “benevolent monster.” 8.3 times bigger than Earth, it generated a solar flare which shot out a burst of charged particles yesterday but – this time – was not aimed at Earth.

However, this extremely active area of the sun will be facing earth for about two weeks. At this time there is no way to predict whether new flares will generate significant solar storms aimed towards Earth and, if so, whether they could result in geomagnetic storms capable of dire consequences on “life as we know it” .

It’s more likely that we’ll see only an increased chance of auroras, such as occurred last month. But, even if we escape this worst case scenario over the next couple weeks, the threat remains. And the possibility of a shorter term, more limited disruption of our technologically dependent society (far from “benevolent”) looms.

If a major threat becomes real, SWPC will be able to provide a few days advance notice of the possibility but only a few hours at most that the threat is about to become the reality. More on this in a forthcoming post.