Monday, November 22, 2010

Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts Clamor for Articulation. ...

"Feelings, emotions and thoughts clamor for articulation. Then the great miracle occurs."

The short paragraph you just read sounded like a rhyme.  A beautiful rhyme that the (first time) moment you read (heard) it seems like forever repeating in your memory and it wouldn't go away.  I fell on my knees when I read it.  I felt like I was born again.  Why do you think this is?  If I told you my answer, you might be convinced leaving your faith, and start finding about yourself--searching the purpose of your existence, or "Why you exist?"--not my intention; in-fact, I admire people who believe that there is a "Higher Being."

A very young and beautiful "friend" of mine, I called her "Angel," asked me, "What is the purpose of your (my) life or existence?"  I had no concrete answer.

If the purpose of (human) life is to be born … and then just to make it to the toilet, we might as well not be born.  And thinking about this notion of trying to make it to the toilet, I said to myself, "God must be amusing Himself!"

I believe there is a very good reason for our existence.  The book (a movie came out of it) entitled "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" may be a good explanation for this.  And having the "Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts" work in harmony, perhaps, would lead us to finding who we are.

Thanks for reading.

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